The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4160 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4160 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4160 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4160 )

The entourage of the black tycoon quickly said, “Hello, our chairman is very inconvenient to move. It was very hard when we went through the security check just now. Can we arrange for the staff to bring Huichundan over?”

Jasmine moore shook her head and said politely, “Sir, I’m very sorry, the regulations of our auction are that all customers who take the rejuvenation pill must come on stage and take it on the spot. If No. 047 is inconvenient, we can arrange it. The staff helped him to the stage.”

The entourage was a little resentful. After all, two billion US dollars were spent, and they couldn’t agree to such a small request? This is so f*cking inhumane!

However, before he could express his opinion, the rich black man next to him immediately warned: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

The entourage immediately shut up with interest.

Immediately, the rich black man walked to the stage slowly, trembling step by step, with the support of his entourage and a soldier from the Wanlong Palace.

The more than 400 people below watched him staggering and shaking all the way to the stage, all of them were tormented, and he walked abruptly for 7 or 8 minutes for the distance that people can walk in 30 seconds at most.

When he came to stand on the stage, the whole person was even more dizzy.

He had already collapsed Travis Lane, and when he saw this rich black man, he scolded his teeth through gritted teeth: “Grass! This grandson is standing there, shaking like his mother’s whole body has been through high-voltage electricity, and eyes are about to be destroyed by him. Going blind!”

In fact, Travis Lane’s quality is not low, and he is usually a Confucian businessman known for his gentleness.

But today, his mentality was greatly stimulated, and he missed the rejuvenation pill, making him an angry youth.

Now he is very upset when he sees everything, and he wants to scold everyone when he sees it.

Jasmine moore stood in front of the auction stage and said with a smile, “Let’s congratulate No. 047 for winning the auction tonight, of course, I also want to remind 047 here that you successfully won the first rejuvenation pill, and the next rejuvenation Dan auction, you will lose the qualification to bid, do you know?”

The rich black man didn’t know if he was nodding his head, or if he had been shaking his head back and forth all the time, he stretched out his hand tremblingly, and pointedly pointed at the quarter of the rejuvenation pill on the display stage, and couldn’t wait to say: ” give…give me…i…i want to eat…now…eat now…”

Jasmine moore nodded slightly and said, “Okay, then we will ask our staff to hand over the Huichun Pill to you.”

After that, Jasmine moore saw that his hands were shaking so badly, she said, “Let our staff directly feed you and take the medicine pill!”

Immediately, Jasmine moore nodded to the Wanlong Hall soldiers who had been standing beside Huichundan. The other party immediately held Huichundan in both hands and walked to the black rich man’s side, holding the black rich man’s chin with one hand, and very slowly holding the black man’s chin with the other. A quarter of the rejuvenation pill was picked up and sent to his mouth under the witness of everyone.

This series of actions, after being enlarged by the big screen at the scene, can be seen extremely clearly by everyone.

Therefore, at this moment, more than 400 people at the scene, without exception, all watched with bated breath.

No one dared to blink, for fear of missing out on some miracle.

Of course, there are also many people who are absolutely skeptical. After all, this person’s Parkinson’s symptoms are too serious, and everyone is well-informed. There is absolutely no possibility of medical cure for such a serious Parkinson’s disease. sex.

Travis Lane still couldn’t help but whispered: “Damn, if there are two more people like this, the whole building will collapse!”

I don’t know who echoed it later: “This guy is shaking like this, even if the coffin board can’t be covered, I don’t believe that this small pill can cure him this time!”

At this moment, the medicine pill has been put into the mouth of the black rich man by the staff.

At this moment, everyone stared at the screen with wide eyes and motionless eyes.

The scene was so quiet, as if a needle fell on the ground, everyone could hear it.

More than 400 people in the entire scene were completely motionless and almost completely frozen.

In addition to the rich black man, he was still standing on the stage, shaking stubbornly.

And the quarter of the rejuvenation pill has been melted in his mouth in an instant…

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4160 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4160 )


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