The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5185

At this time, charlie had returned to Providence.

Claire went to class on time as usual, while he stayed alone in the hotel’s presidential suite, waiting for news from Li Yalin.

Although charlie saved Li Yalin’s life like a savior, he admired Li Yalin in his heart.

He admires Li Yalin’s meticulous thinking and meticulousness, and can find breakthroughs from places that others can’t think of.

It is his ability that has created his reputation as a Chinese detective.

And his idea of ​​trying to use the clues of huge natural disasters to gradually locate where the dead are located is indeed very practical in charlie’s view. Therefore, he believes that after Li Yalin went to Syria to see May 47, it would not take long. The clues will gradually become clear.

Li Yalin didn’t let charlie down either. He made a phone call to charlie, which lifted charlie’s spirit.

After getting on the phone, charlie asked him the first sentence, “Inspector Li, what’s the gain?”

Li Yalin hurriedly said, “Young Master wade, we have analyzed some clues now, but what to do next, I still need you to decide.”

Having said that, Li Yalin analyzed and investigated the situation together with May 47 and Abbas, and reported it to charlie in detail.

charlie didn’t expect that Li Yalin would sort out so many valuable clues so quickly.

First of all, it is the location of the May 47 dead men. At present, it can be determined that the high probability is in South Asia, especially the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, and the islands in the surrounding waters of Sri Lanka. It’s very accurate. If you really want to find it in this range, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Secondly, it is the Yuantai International Express Company registered in Singapore. In charlie’s view, the function of this company is most likely to transport the dead for this mysterious organization; in

addition, there is a very key The clues are the six Boeing ultra-long-range aircraft registered under the name of Yuantai International Express.

Having mastered the registration numbers of these six planes, theoretically, he has mastered the transfer of the dead of this mysterious organization.

After reporting this, Li Yalin said to charlie, “Master wade, there are two directions for in-depth investigation. One is to find the dead man’s station in the currently locked area, and then monitor the person in charge of the dead man’s station, and then follow the vines all the way. , to find the real core members of the mysterious organization;”

“The other is to first find out the actual controllers of Yuantai International Express and monitor them closely;”

“I personally feel that this Yuantai Express has a high probability of being like Like your little aunt who committed suicide by taking poison, she is the white glove of this mysterious organization in the outside world. Most likely they are all members of the outer circle of this mysterious organization, or they are another kind of dead man who is higher than the dead men of May 47. , If you look up from their line, you should also be able to find clues about the organization.”

charlie thought for a moment, and said, “Inspector Li, there is no need to investigate these two directions for the time being. This organization can exist for hundreds of years, sure. Multiple firewalls have been prepared for a long time, and once there is a problem with any one of the firewalls, all connections can be disconnected immediately, leaving almost no clues.”

Having said this, charlie said again, “In contrast, what do we have now? There are no firewalls. As you said before, once there is substantial contact, the contact must be mutual. When the other party seizes a few clues, they will be able to check all the people around me. , I’m not afraid of death, and I also have enough self-protection ability, but I can’t ensure that everyone around me will not be in danger.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but ask, “Master wade, what should I do next? What to do? We can’t just stop like this, right? Then it will be difficult to make new progress…”

charlie smiled and said, “Inspector Li, we have another direction to go deeper.”


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