The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5189

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Chapter 5189

Due to the fast speed of the Concorde and the flight route requested by the other party’s plane took off four hours later, charlie guessed that they intended to wait until late at night before arriving in Bergen, Northern Europe, so they left immediately.

He asked Don Albert and Isaac Cameron to transfer from New York to Providence with the Concorde passenger plane, while waiting at Providence Airport.

As for himself, he waited until Claire came back from school, and then told Claire that he was going to New York tonight on the grounds that there was an accident at the New York client’s construction site and he invited him to take a look at Feng Shui temporarily.

Claire didn’t want him to be so tired, but charlie told her that the other party had used a lot of connections to save her mother Elaine from prison, so she owed the other party a big favor and had to pay it back, Claire said Only reluctantly agreed.

Afterwards, charlie said goodbye to Claire and drove to Providence Airport alone.

At this time, Providence Airport was already shrouded in a crimson sunset.

In the airport, the Wade family’s Concorde, as well as Don Albert and Isaac Cameron, have been waiting here for a long time.

After charlie boarded the plane, Isaac Cameron immediately stepped forward and said, “Master, I have already greeted the tower, we can take off at any time.”

charlie nodded and said, “Then let’s take off.”

Isaac Cameron immediately stepped forward Going to inform the pilot, Don Albertze asked charlie curiously, “Master Wade, what are we going to do in Northern Europe?”

charlie casually smiled and said, “Go to the yin people.”

Don Albert hehe smiled and took out from his sleeve. He took out a scalpel with a soft plastic case, and said with a serious face, “You said before that I haven’t been with you recently, and there are many fewer human body calligraphy works in the Western world. Before I came today, I specially looked for it. A handy creative tool, I wonder if it can come in handy?”

charlie laughed dumbly, and said, “I don’t know if it can come in handy, but since you have all the tools with you, just wait. When you get to Northern Europe, I will let you play well as long as you have the opportunity.”

Don Albert nodded cheerfully and said, “That’s good, that’s good!”

Soon, the plane took off above the runway and flew towards the Nordic capital of Osu, 6,000 kilometers away.

When the Boeing 777 of Yuantai International Express was still flying over Europe, charlie’s Concorde had landed smoothly at Osu City International Airport.

At this moment, the royal motorcade of the Nordic royal family was already waiting inside the airport.

Since the royal family had already reported to the airport and customs, charlie and others were taken directly from the airport as royal VIPs and headed for the Nordic Palace.

At this time in Osu City, it was late at night and early morning. On the way from the airport to the palace, there were few vehicles and the speed was fast.

The empress Helena, who was dressed up, was already waiting anxiously in the palace at this time.

And her grandmother, the old queen who had just abdicated, saw Helena pacing in the same place, her expression mixed with excitement, excitement, nervousness and anxiety, she couldn’t help but said, “Helena, what do you think of charlie? Has your mind changed yet?”

“Change?” Helena suddenly stopped and said to the old queen with a serious face, “Grandma, my thoughts on charlie will never change in my life.” The

old queen sipped . He pursed his lips, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Helena, you must know very well in your heart that it is difficult for you and charlie to get together, not only that he is married, you are now the Queen of Northern Europe, your future husband. , it can only be the European royal family or the clan aristocracy, otherwise, the hearts of the people will not be able to accept it.”

Helena said firmly, “Grandma, I have expressed my position on this matter a long time ago, if I am really lucky enough to be with charlie When we come together, even if the people regard me as a sinner in Northern Europe, I am willing.” The

old queen asked helplessly, “Don’t you care about the image of the royal family?”

Helena shook her head and said firmly, “I have already made two plans for my future. If I can get together with charlie, then I can give up the throne at any time, or even give up my royal status, if I can’t When I come together with charlie, then I will be single for the rest of my life, and I will do my best for the Nordic people and the people of northern Europe

. If you want to be single for the rest of your life, who will inherit the Nordic throne in the future?”

Helena smiled and said, “It’s okay, when that time comes, go to another country and borrow a prince or princess to succeed the throne.” The

old queen said seriously, “That’s the last resort, because In that case, the Nordic royal family will no longer be named Iliad!”

She said in a hurry, and blurted out, “By the way, Helena, didn’t you say before that if charlie wanted, would you be willing to give him a son?”


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