The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5191

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After nearly two hours of flight, the helicopter slowly landed at the palace of the Nordic royal family in Bergen, the second largest city in northern Europe.

The royal palace is located in the suburbs and occupies a large area. However, due to the decline of the Nordic royal family in recent years, and the Congress has been cutting the royal family’s budget, the palace also seems to be a bit of a failure due to the lack of repairs.

The Nordic royal family’s own financial situation is not optimistic. Although the assets have more than one billion euros, most of them are discounts of real estate, and these real estate, the Nordic royal family cannot be sold for a lifetime. For example, they are in the capital city of Osu. The palace and the palace in Bergen are valuable, but once they sell their ancestral property, they will definitely be spurned by the Nordic people.

It’s as if the English royal family turned their heads and sold their Buckingham Palace, which is bound to cause an uproar.

After the helicopter landed, charlie could feel the shortage here.

There are only a few staff on duty in the huge palace, and in the square in the center of the palace, the stone paved floor has many damaged parts that have not been repaired. What is even more outrageous is that even the street lamps that illuminate the surrounding area have more than three. One part is not bright.

Helena did not expect that this palace is now so dilapidated.

Since she lost her support in the Nordic royal family, she has not been to this palace for many years. Seeing such a dilapidated scene, she was a little embarrassed for a while, and she could only say to charlie a little ashamed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Wade, this place has been in disrepair for a long time. , the state of maintenance is not very good, please don’t mind.”

After Helena just finished the enthronement ceremony, the butler mentioned the situation of the palace to her, hoping that the royal family would allocate 10 million euros to carry out the work on the palace. Repair.

But Helena rejected the other party’s proposal in order to reduce the expenses of the royal family.

At that time, she even hoped to take out the funds and do more activities and publicity to enhance the influence of the Nordic royal family.

But she never thought that one day this palace would have an intersection with charlie.

If she knew there would be today, even if she broke a penny in half, she would have to squeeze some budget to repair the palace, at least not make it look so shabby.

charlie also saw that Helena was a little embarrassed, so he smiled and said, “I think this place is very good, it has Nordic local characteristics, and it looks like a real historical building, unlike those tourist attractions, which are all modern antiques. Although the building is magnificent, it feels a little nondescript.”

Helena nodded lightly and introduced, “This place has a history of more than 300 years. Although it has undergone many repairs, the overall framework and large Part of the structure has not changed, and the last time it was repaired on a large scale should be back in 1980.” After

speaking, Helena said with some emotion, “But I haven’t been here for many years, since my father I haven’t come back since I passed away.”

charlie nodded, seeing that there were still two or three hours before the other party landed, he smiled and said to Helena, “It’s still early, why don’t you show me around?”

“Okay!” Helena agreed without hesitation and said with a smile, “Although I haven’t been here for many years, my memory of this place is still very deep.”

Just as charlie, accompanied by Helena, visited this ancient palace , The Boeing 777 of Yuantai International Express is crossing the sky over Finland, about 1,300 kilometers away from Bergen.

Abbas and the twenty Wanlong Palace soldiers he had carefully selected had already landed in Osu City at this time, and the first thing he did after landing was to send the trajectory of the plane of Yuantai Express to charlie.

charlie also kept his composure until the other party had only an hour’s flight left, and temporarily said goodbye to Helena, dressed in black and drove to Bergen Airport alone.

According to Li Yalin’s analysis, the last time they went to New York on May 47 to carry out the mission of this mysterious organization, they were first transported to Mexico by Far Tai International Express in the form of freight, and then smuggled into the United States from Mexico by land.

Therefore, charlie and Li Yalin both felt that the other party’s real destination this time should not be Bergen, Bergen, and most likely it was just a springboard for their mission this time.

It is very likely that they will also transport the dead to Bergen by freight, and then switch to other channels to transport the dead to other cities, or directly out of Northern Europe.

Therefore, charlie’s plan was to sneak into Bergen International Airport before the plane landed, keep an eye on the plane, the people and goods unloaded by the plane, and see where their destination is and what their goals are. who is it.

Although Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, after all, the population is only a few hundred thousand, so the scale of Bergen International Airport is not large.

The airport is built near the sea, the runway is in the north-south direction, the terminal building is located in the center of the airport, and the maintenance and logistics areas are on one side of the terminal building.

Since Northern Europe is one of the EU countries, and Bergen’s international flights are almost all within the EU, the customs management is relatively loose, and international flights landing here, whether passenger or cargo planes, have almost no strict entry screening.

The airport has only three normal access paths, one is the terminal building for normal passengers, the other is the staff channel for internal employees, and the other is the professional entrance and exit for goods.

The security situation of the airport is also very streamlined. Most of the entire airport is surrounded by iron fences. The steel blade barbed wire and security monitoring equipment are the main security measures here.

As for the security personnel, the overall scale is not large, and the patrols are not very active. In most cases, cats are in the monitoring room staring at the monitoring and security equipment, and if there is a situation, they will immediately rush to deal with it.

However, because the security equipment is becoming more and more advanced, even if there are no personnel patrolling, basically no one can pass the monitoring of these equipment silently, so the airport has almost never had illegal intrusion.

Even if there are occasional people who try to enter the airport through the peripheral security measures, they are accurately identified by the security equipment. Often, the security personnel are alerted as soon as they approach, and when they arrive, the people are often still On the iron fence, find a way to break through the sharp-bladed barbed wire.


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