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Therefore, even if there are ordinary people who want to sneak into the airport, there is no possibility of success at all.

Of course, this was before meeting charlie.

For charlie, this kind of iron fence more than three meters high is useless at all. He only needs to jump up gently to jump over the iron fence and avoid the security monitoring equipment on both sides.

So, 20 minutes before the plane landed, charlie easily blended into the airport, waiting for the arrival of the Boeing 777 on the side of the dark runway.

Since it was already more than two o’clock in the morning, the entire airport had fallen into silence.

charlie was wearing wireless headphones at this time, and the headphones were communicating in real time with Abbas and Li Yalin.

At this time, Abbas told charlie, “Mr. Wade, according to the entry and exit information of the airport, the entry and exit of passenger flights have ended tonight, and the rest are all cargo flights, and those that will enter the port within the next three hours. There are only seven cargo planes, and the time interval is very long. The next flight to land is the Boeing 777 of Yuantai International Express.”

charlie replied in a low voice, “Before the plane lands, let’s check the information again.”

” Alright Mr. Wade.”

Five minutes later, charlie could already see a slow-moving spot of light in the southern sky.

He cross-compared with Abbas, and according to the flight trajectory, it was undoubtedly the plane.

Then, the spot of light got closer and lower.

However, the plane adjusted its direction before landing, flew from the south side of the airport to the north side of the airport, and landed against the wind from the north side of the runway after fifteen minutes.

charlie’s eyes kept staring at the plane. After seeing it landed, he turned on the reverse thruster, and then quickly reduced the speed to the taxiing speed. Then, under the guidance of the guide car, he got off the track and taxied all the way to the cargo yard on the south side of the airport.

At the same time, charlie followed the plane all the way, traversing quickly in the darkness.

A few minutes later, the plane came to a standstill on the open tarmac outside the cargo yard.

Several stevedores have been driving loading and unloading trucks and transport vehicles, waiting here in advance.

After the door of the cargo plane is opened, these stevedores lift to the side of the cabin through the lifting and unloading truck, and after opening the door, they begin to unload a group of goods that have been boarded with pallets one by one from the cabin. .

Since the transportation of the freighter adopts a modular method, all the goods are packed according to the board. Generally speaking, it is a special aluminum plate of three meters one by two meters four. Good, the whole board is transported to the cabinThe part is fixed, and the whole board is unloaded to improve the loading and unloading efficiency when unloading.

The plane quickly unloaded four pallets, and each pallet was nearly full, with no apparent abnormality.

charlie said in a low voice, “At the moment, the cargo unloaded from the plane is all serious, and I don’t see anything extraordinary.”

Abbas couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Wade, will the other party Is the dead man hidden in the cargo?”

After charlie released some spiritual energy to investigate, he said with certainty, “There is no one in these cargoes, at least none of them have been unloaded yet.” After

speaking, charlie’s brows suddenly wrinkled. , couldn’t help muttering, “It’s a bit strange.” What

made charlie surprised was that in order to unload these pallets, the following stevedores even took turns taking turns. Whenever a pallet was unloaded, they would To change someone up.

Generally speaking, skilled work should be a reasonable division of labor, special control equipment responsible for operating equipment, special handling responsible for handling, and special transportation responsible for transportation.

This kind of behavior of everyone taking turns and going to the cabin to transport the pallets one by one is very strange.

charlie immediately relied on the pervasive perception ability of aura and found the clue.

It turned out that there were eight people hidden in the cargo compartment of the plane at this time!

It’s just that these eight people have been hiding at the end of the cabin of dozens of meters, and it is impossible for the outside world to see them.

Moreover, every staff member who goes up to carry the pallet will exchange with a person in the cabin after entering the cabin. He hides in the cabin himself, and the person who replaces him comes out and pushes out a new board of goods. .

charlie also immediately understood their routine, and replaced these staff with their own people.

The staff who were replaced were hidden in the plane, and those who were replaced could use their identities to leave the airport in a grand manner without leaving any record of entry.

What’s even weirder is that after careful observation, charlie found that although people did exchange inside, the people who went in and the people who came out were dressed, dressed, and even looked exactly the same.

After more careful investigation, charlie discovered that the people who were swapped out had very realistic silicone masks stuck to their faces!

It is also through this realistic silicone mask that they have almost the same facial features as those of the staff, and the naked eye can hardly see any difference.

Seeing this, charlie thought to himself, “Could it be that these airport staff are also members of that mysterious organization?”

Soon, the last mysterious person who was replaced gave charlie an answer with practical actions.

Immediately after completing the swap with the last staff member, he pulled a dagger from his cuff.

Immediately afterwards, his right hand waved suddenly, and the eight staff members who were replaced were instantly blocked by him!


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