The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5194

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At this time, charlie heard the man in the cab, sitting on the co-pilot, say in Chinese, “There are still two kilometers to go, stop first and let the brothers start getting the equipment!” The

truck stopped immediately on the side of the road. Then the two got out of the cab at the same time and ran quickly to the rear of the car.

The driver tapped the tailgate lightly with his fingertips, and the tailgate immediately opened from the inside.

The six people in the cargo box had already changed into a full set of combat equipment at this time. Body armor, helmets, and firearms were almost the same as the equipment they carried when May 47 assassinated charlie’s grandfather and grandmother’s family.

After the two jumped into the cargo box, the others immediately handed the prepared equipment to them and quickly helped them put it on.

After the two were armed to the teeth, the man who was sitting in the co-pilot said in a very serious tone, “Everyone, two by two, check each other’s equipment, and there must be no negligence!”


Others The person responded immediately, and then there was a sound of clips being inserted and firearms being loaded in the cargo box.

After everyone’s equipment inspection was completed, the man in the lead said, “I will finally repeat the mission requirements to everyone. The British Lord’s requirement is that except for the target, which must be captured and taken away alive, no one else will be killed, and none of them will be left behind! I understand. Is it?” The

other seven said without hesitation, “Understood!”

The man said seriously, “Today is our great luck! This time we have to catch a living. It is said that the British Lord has been searching for the target for decades! The British Lord has been until today. We only got the exact news from the other party, and we assigned this important task to our cavalry guards. We must go all out and never let the hero down! This is an excellent way for our cavalry guards to revive their heroism in front of the hero. Opportunity!” The

other seven looked stunned, and each of them said with excitement, “Don’t worry, Commander, we will do our best and never let the Lord down!”

“Okay!” The man known as the Commander smiled boldly “Brothers, make achievements tonight!”

After he finished speaking, he looked at the driver and said, “Little Four, according to the plan, the car will be parked here temporarily, you can sneak over with us, if the mission goes well, you will You can go back and drive.” The driver said without hesitation

, “Okay commander! I understand!

Eight killers dressed in black, holding black guns and wearing black masks, jumped out of the car silently, and then quickly disappeared into the farmland by the roadside, moving towards the fast and silent movement.

charlie was lying on the top of the truck, staring at the figures of the eight people, ready to come with a mantis to catch cicadas, with a oriole behind.

At this time, Abbas’s voice came from the earphone, “Mr. Wade, my subordinates have investigated the identity information of the eight stevedores on duty, and the information shows that these eight people are allHe is an out-and-out Nordic native citizen, and his historical files are very clean, unlike someone with a mysterious identity and unknown origin. “

Furthermore, their bank accounts suddenly received one million euros in cash from an American company this afternoon. The time for the payment was only earlier than the time when the plane applied for the Bergen route.” After an hour, I suspected that they were temporarily bought by huge funds, so I cooperated with these people. With

that said, Abbas said again, “By the way, Mr. Wade, the American company that pays them money is a company controlled by your little aunt’s family. When

charlie heard this, he was slightly taken aback, and he couldn’t help sighing, “It seems that my little aunt’s line, they are not afraid of being exposed at all. If they dare to remit money so blatantly, it is most likely that all risks have been isolated. I’m afraid I can’t find any valuable information. “

Abbas” subordinates feel the same way. “

charlie said,” According to the timeline, this mysterious organization should have temporarily bought these eight stevedores earlier today, and then within four hours before takeoff, based on the facial features of these eight people, they made a Inverted masks made of silicone, and then let the eight killers enter quietly in this way. “

And these eight stevedores originally wanted to cooperate with them to play a day and night, and then easily earn a huge amount of money, but I didn’t expect that although this organization was willing to spend money, it would not leave any living holes at all. The huge sum of one million euros in it was only earned and spent. Having

said this, charlie couldn’t help but sigh, “This organization is really meticulous in its work. The plane they came with had just taken off again, and the information it left at Bergen Airport was after the eight people unloaded the cargo. , it took off and returned normally, and it took off before the eight people disappeared, so on the surface, there would be no suspicion. Even if the eight people were finally found missing, no one would suspect the head of the plane. superior. At

this time, Li Yalin’s voice came, and he said, “charlie, the cargo plane of Yuantai International Express in Nigeria has just applied for a flight that will take off in 20 minutes, from Lagos, Nigeria to Gothenburg, Sweden.” . “

charlie frowned and asked, “Should Sweden be next to Northern Europe?”

“Yes!” Li Yalin said, “Gothenburg is about 600 kilometers away from your current location.”

charlie asked again, “It probably takes a plane to fly from Nigeria to Sweden . How long?”

Li Yalin said, “It looks like more than seven hours.”

charlie nodded, “It seems that after these eight people finish their missions, they will go all the way to Gothenburg, Sweden to meet another plane.” After

that, charlie slightly With a smile, he said jokingly, “Looks like this plane is going to run for nothing!”


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