The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5195

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In the earphone, Abbas said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, can you be sure that the plane that flew to Sweden was to pick up people, not to send another group of people to Sweden to perform other tasks? I’m afraid they may still be in Sweden. Other actions.”

charlie said, “I heard their conversation just now. This time they came not mainly to kill people, but to bring back some targets who are important to the organization, so they must have a safe enough retreat. route, and the plane they came with has now returned to avoid exposure, so I speculate that the plane that flew to Sweden was here to pick them up.”

After speaking, charlie added, “Also, the European Union countries There are no border controls for land transportation between the two countries, and the convenience of driving is as simple as driving between two provinces in the country. However, although everyone is an EU country, law enforcement agencies each serve their own countries, so once they Arriving in Sweden will bring a lot of difficulties to the investigation of the Nordic police, and leaving the country from Sweden is a very perfect choice.”

From the call of the other party just now, as well as the sequence of the two planes, charlie probably sorted out the eight people. next task.

They flew all the way to northern Europe to capture someone who was extremely important to the organization.

The route they arranged was to enter Northern Europe and leave Sweden.

After they complete the stealing from Bergen and capture the target, they will drive more than 600 kilometers to Sweden, and take a flight from Sweden.

Just another Boeing 777 took off from Nigeria, and when the plane landed in Sweden, these people should be able to make it to Sweden.

Abbas said at this time, “Mr. Wade, my subordinates feel that we still have a window of seven or eight hours to make rapid deployment. If we send people to Sweden now, we will keep an eye on the plane from Nigeria to Sweden. , you should be able to figure out their specific context, maybe you can follow the clues and find the specific location of one of their bases!”

charlie smiled slightly, stared at the eight killers sneaking in the dark, and said, “It’s not necessary to go to their bases for now, and now the clues of these six planes are a huge advantage for us, as long as we don’t fight these six Don’t follow these six planes to their base, they won’t realize that there is a problem with these six planes.”

charlie knew very well that even if he killed these eight killers in Bergen , Abbas can also continue to make a fuss on that plane.

After all, as long as it flies out, even if it can’t receive anyone, it will definitely go back. Maybe it can really find some information.

However, charlie did not plan to do anything about the six Boeing 777s of Yuantai International Express for the time being.

He said to Abbas, “In my opinion, these six Boeing 777s are equivalent to six telephone lines that the enemy has exposed but still doesn’t know about, just like the communication code was deciphered by the enemy during the war, as long as the other party is not aware of it. When the communication password has been deciphered, we will continue to use this password, so that we can find out the specific actions of the other party without any contact with the other party, as long as we can ensure accurate strikes every time, They won’t realize which link went wrong.”

Li Yalin also agreed at this time and said, “I agree with Young Master Wade, there is really no need to take the initiative to attack now. The previous time in New York, Young Master Wade had already let this The organization suffered a big loss, and it just so happened that Young Master Wade did not get any news in advance through any channels, so they will also seek truth from facts. The reason for the failure last time was not because of early exposure, but because the opponent was too strong ;”


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