The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5205

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Suddenly being questioned by charlie, the old man seemed very nervous for a while.

He hesitated and didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t know what to say, so he could only subconsciously look up at the pretty girl beside him.

Seeing this, the girl hurriedly said, “Grandpa… it’s all over now, you should tell the truth to this gentleman!”

“I…” The old man didn’t expect the girl to say this, and for a while he didn’t even know it. How to be good.

After all, he was just a servant of the young lady, and he could understand that the young lady called him grandfather in public. He could hear the meaning in the young lady’s words, that he wanted to pretend to be a grandparent with him.

However, the young lady suddenly wanted to tell herself to tell the truth, which made her at a loss.

Because I don’t know where to go, how to tell the truth.

Before the old man showed his cowardice, the girl quickly took the lead and said to charlie, “This gentleman, my grandfather is still a little undecided, why don’t I explain it to you.”

charlie didn’t see the girl and the old man . Seeing that the girl was willing to tell the reason, she nodded and said, “Little girl, please tell me.” The

girl couldn’t help but pursed her lips and smiled, then said, “Actually, the reason why these people want to arrest me and me. Grandpa, it’s because the person behind them wants a treasure left by my father.”

“Treasure?” charlie couldn’t help frowning when he heard this, and asked in surprise, “What treasure is worthy of their hero? It takes a lot of effort to get it?”

Although charlie didn’t know who the Yingzhu was or how strong the Yingzhu was, he could still get a glimpse of the leopard through his current understanding of the organization.

In his opinion, the comprehensive strength of this mysterious organization must be higher than his own, and even Anjia will be manipulated by them.

Therefore, charlie speculates that the strength of this mysterious organization will not be inferior to the Rothschild family, which is currently ranked number one in the world.

It is even possible that it is much stronger than the Rothschild family.

It was precisely because he knew that the other party was very powerful that charlie couldn’t understand how such a high-ranking person would grab things from the old and the young, grandparents and grandchildren.

Seeing that charlie had some doubts, the girl took out a palm-sized sachet from her close-fitting clothes for a moment.

Then, with her slender white hands, she took out an inconspicuous bronze ring from the sachet.

And the moment the ring was taken out of the sachet, charlie felt a very rare but very familiar feeling.

This made him immediately realize that this small ring, like his Thunderbolt and Soul Piercing Blade, is also a magic weapon!

This is also the first time for charlie to see a real magic weapon in someone else’s hands!

He thought that the girl had the same aura as himself, so he subconsciously allocated a bit of aura to investigate the girl quietly.

However, after some investigation, he did not find any shadow related to aura from this girl.

In other words, this girl has absolutely no aura, and it is impossible for her to be the same person as charlie.

So, charlie couldn’t help but ask her, “Little girl, what is the origin of this ring?” The

girl said faintly, “This ring was left to me by my father.”


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