The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5222

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On the co-pilot, a girl with a somewhat ferocious expression was holding her mobile phone and playing a game in battle royale mode. At this time, she was actively killing in the game.

Seeing the driver coming up, she raised her eyelids, stared at the phone again, and smelled “Is it done? I’m leaving in fifteen minutes.” The

driver quickly said, “The president said, today’s event It’s very important and meaningful…”

The girl interrupted him directly, and said coldly, “I am passionate about environmental protection, not charity. This kind of activity itself is not the type I like. If you ask me to protest against Asians using chopsticks, Europeans flying, I can be more patient in protesting against Americans driving cars.”

At this point, the girl said arrogantly, “What’s more, besides Nigerians, who else will pay attention to helping Nigeria? With this time, I might as well go to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to organize protests. My father said that the media all over the world will pay attention to the news of the United Nations and developed countries. News from third-world countries like Nigeria will never make headlines in the Western world. “The

driver was dumbfounded, and at the same time extremely annoyed.

However, the matter was so important that he could only patiently say, “The president said, as long as you cooperate well, he will give you a Hermès Himalaya.” The

girl immediately moved her eyes away from the phone screen and stared at the driver. Surprised and asked, “Really?! Himalayan crocodile skin from Hermes? Are you lying to me?” The

driver assured, “Of course not! The president always keeps his word.” The

girl immediately changed her attitude, He said with a smile, “Then tell him, as long as he does what he says, I am willing to wait until night!”

Just as everyone was anxiously waiting for the Xiaoqiguard to land, a plane took off from the Nordic capital Osu City Airport and headed to Syria.

Abbas has already brought his own men, and the seven knight guards who took refuge in him, and returned to the base of Wanlongdian in Syria.

Soon, another half an hour passed, and there was still no news from Xiao Qiwei.

Seeing that the scheduled time had been exceeded, the person in charge picked up the satellite phone and called his upline.

And his upline, and the pilot’s upline, are the same person.

The person answered the phone and asked in a cold tone, “What’s the matter?” The

person in charge hurriedly said, “Master Viscount, I’m running out of time. I’m afraid I can’t wait too long. The pilot has a three-hour time window, but my time window Only one and a half hours, calculated according to the fastest speed of the airport process, I must leave at least one and a half hours to go through the security check and loading process, otherwise it will affect the departure time of the plane!”

Known as the Viscount The adult’s man was also very anxious, and blurted out, “Five hours ago, when the Xiaoqiwei didn’t show up at the docking point, the higher-ups had already sent a connector to Bergen to investigate. There should be news soon. If there is no latest order issued Before, everyone stood by!”

At the same time.

An old Volvo off-road vehicle drove from Sweden, after several hours of trekking, it stopped in front of the country house where Lin Wan’er (Alani) lived before.

The window of the driver’s cab was put down, and a man sat in the driver’s cab, carefully observing the villa.

Although it is already afternoon, there is no movement in this villa, and there is no sign of anyone working in the surrounding farms.

He took out the satellite phone and said to the phone, “Master Viscount, I didn’t see anyone here. There are still a few cars parked outside the door. It seems that there are traces of hasty cleaning. Do you need me to go in and have a look?” ?” On

the other end of the phone, the Viscount’s voice came, “Put on the camera, and Ying can see the real-time video!”

“Okay!” The man immediately took out a portable camera from the armrest box, and pinned the camera on the left side of his shirt On the outside of the pocket, after turning it on, he asked respectfully, “Master Viscount, can you see the real-time video over there?” The

other party said coldly, “Yes, you can go in and have a look right now!”


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    1. Who will be behind all this secret organization.
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