The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5226

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“Before they saw this gun, they would not have thought about how the Xiaoqiwei missed it. They might think that the Xiaoqiwei was just not prepared enough and was dealt with by the people around me;”

“However, if When they see this gun… then the situation will be different!”

“In this world, there are only a handful of people who can do this, as long as they see this gun, they will realize that there is already a strong enemy, And this formidable enemy possesses spiritual energy.”

“There are very few people possessing spiritual energy. In that case, once charlie reveals his strength, the opponent will immediately lock him in, which will bring him a lot of trouble.” trouble.” The

servant couldn’t help sighing, “He’s so strong, why didn’t he think of this…”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) smiled and said, “The strength is the strength, but the real combat experience should not be rich enough, otherwise, I won’t let me Get away under his nose.”

at the same time.

Gothenburg, Sweden.

Since they had already obtained the video data of the Bergen scene and saw the eight characters written by Lin Wan’er (Alani) herself, the mysterious organization behind it immediately realized that this mission had completely failed, and Lin Wan’er (Alani) must have escaped long ago.

Although the British Lord was furious, he could only order an early end to this mission that had completely failed.

So, the head of the team who was waiting for Xiaoqiwei outside the gate of Gothenburg Airport received a call from the Viscount.

On the phone, the other party said in a dejected tone, “Don’t wait any longer, let’s start sending the goods into the customs now, and let it take off normally.” The person in charge exclaimed, “Master Viscount, what happened to the


The Viscount said in a cold tone, “The eight knight guards have been wiped out, and the target has already escaped. The Lord has his life, and the plan is terminated.” The

person in charge couldn’t help but secretly stunned. The failure of a small place really caught him by surprise.

However, he knows the rules in the organization, there are multiple sets of preparatory plans for everything, success has a successful follow-up plan, and failure has a failed follow-up plan.

According to the current situation, although Xiao Qiwei encountered problems and failed to reach Gothenburg, but in order not to reveal his identity and the pilot, the air transportation task that should be completed still needs to be completed. A plane that has been waiting for a long time, carrying these materials back to Nigeria, in order to prevent someone from finding out the problem through the abnormal empty load of the plane after checking this line.

However, now that the mission of Xiaoqiwei has failed, the target person he was originally responsible for transshipment naturally no longer exists, so there is no need for the environmental protection girl Lolita.

So, he immediately sent a message to his subordinates, telling Lolita to leave in just six words!

The driver who said all the good things to Lolita in the last second, after receiving this message, immediately said to Lolita with a dark face, “Okay, I’m here today, didn’t you make an appointment with a friend? Then you can go back now.”

“What?” The girl suddenly asked angrily, “Why do you let me go back now? Didn’t you agree that after I finish today’s task, I will give me a Hermes Himalaya?” The

driver He said coldly, “What you said just now is correct. Media reporters are not interested in matters related to Nigeria, so they didn’t come here. The original interview was cancelled, and you are no longer needed here.” The

girl said angrily, “Do you need it?” It’s your problem, I don’t care if you need it or not, since you promised me, you must fulfill it! If I can’t get my Hermes Himalaya, then I will wait here until I see me the Himalayas!”

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    1. There has to be some kind of relationships between Alani , her dad and the secret organizations ( British lord?)
      Seems like Alanii has Asian /Chinese blood and from what little we know @ the secret organizations (( all corner of the world) might comprise of multiple race alani ‘ s father might be somehow has ties with the secret organizations n may be he rebellion against the or the side of he can’t stand their method..
      That’s why alani is so young but so resourceful ..she has to see many battles.

  1. Thanks for these two chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 5227. Thanks 😊

  2. Charlie was abit careless this time, fortunately the girl Alani has wiped evidence . He also got deceived by the girl Alani. This girl will be a powerful ally too.

  3. For sure, the father and grandfather of this Alani must be connected with the mysterious org, but Alani has been forced to hide and escape the org!

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