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“Don’t forget, even your most famous slogan ‘how dare you’ is Their planner tailored it for you, otherwise, you thought you could become famous all over the world just by jumping out and shouting a few words?!”

Lolita was a little speechless by her father, After a while, I came back to my senses, and said dissatisfiedly, “So what if they picked me up? I am now a world-renowned environmentalist. My influence is here, and I don’t need any support from them anymore.” Help can also create a lot of value!”

Lolita’s father scolded angrily, “Is there something wrong with your brain? Have you ever thought that when you were picked up by them, you were just a ten-year-old Child, you follow their instructions completely like a marionette. They must have a lot of relevant evidence in their hands. Once you fall out with them, they will immediately reveal all your actual situation. At that time, you We will be ruined! Your mother and I’s dream of being in the upper class is also shattered! Our whole family will be beaten back to its original shape, and even fall to the bottom!”

In fact, Lolita’s father did not say a word.

Although he didn’t know the specific background of this humanitarian organization, he knew that the methods of this organization were very vicious. If he really went against them, he might be killed one day.

Lolita was also taken aback by her father’s words at this time. She was simple-minded, but she didn’t expect that she had already held countless handles in the other party’s hands.

If the other party really exposes these details, then he will definitely lose his reputation and never recover.

The extremely dejected Lolita finally got up silently from the ground, patted the dust off her body, took out a mask from her pocket, put it on, walked to the side of the road, and stopped a car taxi.

The reason why she wears a mask is because she has been calling for environmental protection, and even called on people all over the world not to drive cars. According to her point of view, driving is a crime, not to mention taking a taxi. If you are caught Seeing her take a taxi, I’m afraid it will break her spine.

When Lolita left the airport depressed, the shipment was passing through customs.

Since there is nothing abnormal about these goods, and they are all charitable goods, the clearance speed of the customs is also very fast.

So, the Boeing 777 finally returned to Nigeria at the scheduled time, loaded with a plane full of cargo.

At the same time, on a certain island in this world, a cathedral-like stone building stands majestically on the rock of the island.

What the outside world doesn’t know is that this magnificent castle is actually just the tip of the iceberg.

Under the castle, the entire island has been completely hollowed out, and the scale of the internal buildings is more than a hundred times larger than the ground.

At this time, in the central hall of the castle, a luxuriously dressed man in his forties knelt down on one knee, looking at the empty king in front of, and said respectfully, “My lord! The plane has already withdrawn to Nigeria, and there are no clues for the other seven knight guards.” In the

huge lobby, the cold and deep voice like a machine immediately came, “Keep looking! We have to dig three feet into the ground, and we have to find them!”

The man clasped his fists above his head and said respectfully, “I obey!”

The Lord’s voice came again, “Lin Waner (Alani) must have left Northern Europe, you should send someone immediately Infiltrating into Mongolia, Russia’s Far East, Alaska, Canada’s Yukon, and Nunavut. This time she was almost caught, and there is a high probability that she will flee to these sparsely populated countries and regions. Maybe she can come One sits and waits!”

The man was slightly startled, and said nervously, “My lord! I have a question, I dare to ask you to answer it!”

The lord said flatly, “Say!”

The man hurriedly said, “My lord, in a short time, We have suffered successive failures. The assassination of Anjia in New York was so carefully planned. In the end, none of the so many dead soldiers we sent came back, and even a single body was not found. It is the same this time when we went to Northern Europe. Wei, they are all top experts, except for the commander who died of taking poison, the whereabouts of all others are unknown, do you think there is any connection behind these two incidents?”

“Contact?” the British Lord asked coldly “Do you think that someone is secretly sniping us?”

The man said, “I can’t tell. I just think these two things are too strange. We have definite information on these two things. Lin Waner (Alani), they don’t have the strength to resist us, but the result of the incident is that all the troops we sent were lost, which is really unbelievable.” The

hero said flatly, “The An family is the top family in the public world. To some extent She is a public figure, but Lin Waner (Alani) is a little fox hiding everywhere. Her men usually have no chance to have any contact with the outside world. This time she was able to find her news because she just couldn’t help herself. In an antique shop, I bought a piece of blue and white porcelain to reveal my identity, so I don’t think there should be any direct connection between them.”

The man nodded and said in admiration, “My lord, you have the best solution. You just used some blue and white porcelain to catch Lin Waner (Alani)!”

As he spoke, he quickly asked, “Should we make another batch of top blue and white porcelain, and then put them together ?” Put them in antique shops all over the world, waiting for Lin Waner (Alani) to take

the bait?” “No need.” The Lord Ying said coldly, “Lin Waner (Alani) is the most cunning fox, she will never fall into the same trap twice, no matter how good the blue and white

porcelain is, It’s impossible to lure her out!”


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