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In addition, charlie also saw a few cars, presumably they were waiting to meet Duan Liye’s convoy.

The freighter started to reverse thrust when it was about to dock, and then the speed quickly dropped, and it leaned sideways towards the pier.

After the ship came to a complete stop, Duan Liye took the lead and went all the way down from the spiral ladder on the inside of the deck. At this time, the hatch below had also been opened by two crew members.

At the same time, the crane next to the freighter has begun to move slowly, and it seems that it is about to start unloading.

Since charlie asked Duan Liye to hand over normally according to the previous handover method, Duan Liye at this time has completely entered his usual rhythm of docking.

When he stepped out of the hatch, there were already many men waiting outside. Seeing Duan Liye and charlie coming down, the leader immediately said to Duan Liye respectfully, “Master Special Envoy, you…you have worked hard all the way.” !”

charlie could hear that this man’s tone was a little nervous and apprehensive.

Looking at the other people around him, everyone was also very nervous.

charlie speculated that he should be uneasy because of the defeat in Bergen a few days ago.

After all, Lin Wan’er (Alani) was the one whom the Lord of England personally called for, but in the end their people failed to complete this arduous task.

And now it’s time to deliver the antidote. They are afraid that the British Lord will repeat the method of 20 years ago and put everyone in their base to death.

Facing the respect and apprehension of the several people, Duan Liye just let out a sigh of relief, and walked straight towards the three cars without even looking at the person.

The man in the lead quickly ran a few steps, rushed to the front of the Mercedes-Benz in the middle, helped Duan Liye open the door, and then helped charlie open the co-pilot’s door.

Duan Liye, who was dressed in a black robe, took the lead in the back seat of the car, followed by charlie in the passenger seat.

Afterwards, the people who greeted them quickly got into the front and back cars, and the convoy quickly left the pier and drove to the copper mine, which was only about a kilometer away from the pier.

The convoy circled out of the pier, and in the blink of an eyeAfter driving to the main entrance of the copper mine, the automatic gate opened in advance, allowing the three vehicles to drive straight in without slowing down.

This copper mine looks somewhat similar to the base of Wanlongdian from the outside, but it is much smaller in scale.

Although there was nothing unusual inside it, charlie still found many secret whistles and firepower points.

It can be seen that the security here is very strict.

The convoy drove directly to an office building and stopped. At this time, there were already many people waiting downstairs.

The leading middle-aged man is well-dressed and looks like a big entrepreneur.

Beside the middle-aged man, stood a young man wearing glasses. The young man was thin and tall, and looked very bookish. At first glance, the first impression was that he looked like the middle-aged man’s assistant or secretary. .

However, charlie discovered that the middle-aged man actually had no cultivation, not even a martial artist, but this bookish young man was also a master of the dark realm, but his level was relatively low, and he was only a master of the dark realm. Heavy days.

Based on Duan Liye’s previous confession, it is estimated that this middle-aged man should be the superficial manager of this copper mine, and the young man who is like an assistant next to him is likely to be the real controller here. Jiedushi in Xiaoqiwei’s mouth.

Behind this young man, there are several martial arts masters, but among the remaining few, the strongest one is only an old man with great perfection.

However, the expressions of these people at the moment are full of panic. Thinking about it, they are all terrified by the last failure.

After the car stopped, the young man who looked like an assistant stepped forward first, and respectfully opened the door for charlie and Duan Liye. As soon as Duan Liye

got out of the car, the well-dressed man stepped forward and said respectfully, “Master Special Envoy, you have worked hard!”


The people in the back bowed together and shouted loudly, “Master Special Envoy, you have worked hard!”

Duan Liye just raised his hand, and said calmly, “Go in and talk.”

“Okay! This way please!” The young man hastily made a gesture of invitation respectfully, and then walked a few steps to lead the way.

Duan Liye followed closely behind, and the middle-aged man followed him, and said, “Master Special Envoy, our recent operation report has been written, please spare some time to read it later.”

Duan Liye He hummed, and didn’t say much. This stern attitude made the middle-aged man even more nervous.

charlie followed behind Duan Liye, and had a panoramic view of the performance of these people. Seeing the terrified appearance of these people, he felt relieved instead.

Right now, this group of people is in extreme fear. The knight guards and dead soldiers who want to come here must be having trouble sleeping and eating these days. This is definitely an excellent time to instigate their rebellion!


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