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charlie pretended to be surprised and scolded, “It’s really It’s nonsense, the new antidote is specially prepared by the British Lord for you, in order to extend the interval between each dose of your medicine, so that you can complete more difficult tasks, its function is to make the time for the toxins in your body to attack From 7 days to 15 days, how can you make all your toxins disappear?”

The man said anxiously, “My lord special envoy, everything you said is true, not only the toxins in your body disappeared, The toxins of the other 11 people are no longer there!”

As he said that, the man said, “This will involve the second matter that my subordinates want to report to you. Just now, Li Nianzong, the leader of the Left Banner, has called on us to take the opportunity to seize the copper mine. Control, and even want us to fight against the organization, if you don’t kill them as soon as possible, they will probably lead all the knight guards and dead soldiers to completely launch a rebellion!”

charlie paused for a moment, and then asked curiously, “Why did you tell me this? Don’t you ever think about getting out of the organization’s control?”

When the man heard this, he thought charlie was deliberately probing His loyalty turned pale with fright, and he quickly waved his hand and explained, “Please be clear, my lord, this subordinate is devoted to the organization wholeheartedly, and has absolutely no intention of betraying him! Besides, this subordinate has been able to step up to today and become the central banner here.” The boss, it’s all the opportunities given by the organization, and the subordinates would rather die than betray the organization!”

charlie smiled and said, “They all said that although the Xiaoqiwei and the dead soldiers obeyed the organization’s orders, they were full of love for the organization. Hatred, always wanting to get out of the control of the organization, and now it seems that this is not the case.”

The man immediately stepped forward, bowed deeply at ninety degrees, put his fists on the top of his head, and respectfully said, “Master Special Envoy, can this subordinate Today, it is also the result of the joint efforts of many ancestors of the subordinates, how can the subordinates live up to their efforts of so many generations and so many years.”

charlie laughed and said, “Haha! You are indeed a malleable talent! To tell you the truth He said, what I asked you to try this time is not a new antidote at all. It is a new poison specially prepared by the British Lord to test your loyalty. At first glance, this poison seems to completely remove the poison in your body Toxin, but in fact, he just let the toxin be temporarily hidden, in order to test who of you has the intention of betraying the organization, and who is loyal to the organization! The

man’s expression was horrified, but it was quickly replaced by a kind of uncontrollable excitement and excitement.

He couldn’t hide his joy, and blurted out, “I was still wondering just now. With the sage of the British Lord, how could it be possible to prepare Such an antidote to the opposite, I did not expect the old man Yingzhu to be so wise! “

charlie nodded, and said lightly, “I’m not going to hide it from you, the British Lord has always known that most of you knight guards and dead soldiers lack loyalty to the British Lord, and are even full of hatred. It’s not that I want to find out those traitors who intend to betray, but I want to use this method to dig out your plastic talent! “

Speaking, charlie said again, “Don’t worry, I will definitely report your performance today to the hero, and I believe that the hero will reward you for your merits, and maybe I will promote you to be a knight. Commander! “

The man was suddenly ecstatic, knelt on the ground with a plop, kowtowed and said, “Thank you, Mr. Special Envoy, for your support!” “

charlie stretched out his hand to signal him to get up, then continued to trick him, and asked with a smile, “As far as you know, how many people like you are truly loyal to the organization among the Xiaoqiguards?” “

The man thought for a while, and said, “I can be sure that there are not many people, but there are at least a dozen of them!” They are all loyal to the organization, and they all hope that through their own efforts, they and their families will be more valued by the organization. “

” Good! “charlie nodded, and said, “After you go out from here, don’t let the other eleven people see any clues, and then you go to people who you think will never betray the organization, and quietly tell them the antidote.” Let them hold the towel in their left hand when they take the medicine later, so that I can recognize it at a glance, and remember not to leak any information. “

The man blurted out without thinking, “Don’t worry, Mr. Special Envoy, this subordinate will do it now!” “


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