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After all the dead men were successfully detoxified and their mood gradually calmed down, charlie walked down the stone steps and came to the square.


  Thousands of people looked at him, grateful and kowtowed to the seniors.


  The leader, Thirty-Nine Zero, choked with sobs and said, “On behalf of all the dead and their relatives, I would like to thank you for your kindness!” The


  others also knelt on the ground like him, and shouted respectfully, “Thank you for your kindness! “


  charlie looked at the thousands of people kneeling on the ground, and said lightly: “Get up, from now on, you will no longer be slaves, and you don’t have to kneel and worship anymore.


  ” Said to 390 who was kneeling respectfully at the front: “Show me the place where you live.”


  390 respectfully said: “Your subordinate obeys!”


  After that, he stood up, pointed to the back of the square and said : “Sir, the area where dead men live is just behind the square, please follow me!”


  charlie nodded, followed 390, and walked through the huge square.


  While walking, 390 introduced to charlie that the square was basically a place for dead soldiers to train except when the antidote was distributed. Whether it was close combat or gun shooting, it was all carried out in this square.


  After passing through the square, there is a corridor nearly five meters wide and thirty meters long, passing through the corridor is the living area of ​​the dead.


  The living area of ​​the dead is more like an underground town, where the streets are planned horizontally and vertically, like cutting tofu, and are precisely divided into multiple square areas.


  In each square area, there are eight rooms of more than ten square meters, as well as a public kitchen and public toilet.


  The domestic water in the entire living area is taken from the groundwater in the copper mine, and then filtered and purified by the purification equipment before being transported here;




  the domestic wastewater is directly treated together with the production sewage of the copper mine, and is often secretly discharged into the sea at night, so it has always been No abnormalities were found by the outside world.


  The air in the entire underground space relies entirely on the ventilation equipment in the copper mine, which can ensure that the various indicators of the air still meet the standards at a depth of several hundred meters underground.


  Here, there is one and only one kind of energy source, which is electricity, including the daily cooking of the deceased, which also uses electricity;




  the ceilings of public areas are covered with full-spectrum lights, illuminating all public areas as bright as day.


  Thirty-nine zero introduced to charlie: “In our place, we can’t see the sun, moon and stars. It’s dark and bright, and it’s all simulated by lights. As long as the bell rings when we wake up, all the lights will be turned on at the same time. For us, this It entered the day time, and at night when the curfew time came, the lights rang, and all the lights outside were turned off, it entered the night time for us.”


  He sighed, and said: “Go out like me. Those who have been on missions at least know what the sun, moon and stars look like, but my wife, other women, and children who have no chance to go out to perform missions have never even seen the sun and the moon.”


  charlie Hearing this, I can’t help but feel sympathy and regret for the fate of these dead men.


  A person, from birth to death, may not have seen the sun. If it is said, no one will believe it.


  Thinking of this, he couldn’t help saying to 390: “My plan is to quietly take down this dead soldier’s garrison and let everyone change their flags quietly. In this way, the Poqing Council will not notice any abnormalities in a short time. But this also means that the entire resident will remain largely unchanged.”


  After hearing what charlie said, 3900 quickly said, “Don’t worry, sir, we have persisted for so many generations. I can continue!”


  charlie nodded, and said seriously: “After all, there are thousands of people here, and only a few hundred people on the ground, it is impossible to transfer everyone to live on the ground, and the number of people will increase too much at once. It will also arouse suspicion and speculation from the outside world.”


  Speaking of this, charlie changed the subject and continued: “However, from today onwards, the passage between the dead and the ground will remain unimpeded, and you should coordinate internally to allow some people to go to the ground at multiple times every day.” , to feel the real day and night, to feel the real sun, moon and stars.”


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