The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5290

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When Elaine was the happiest before, charlie didn’t use psychological hints to her, it was for this reason.

Once given psychological hints, Elaine will definitely be able to calm down, but her person will also become very different from usual, and then his wife Claire will definitely find something unusual.

Duan Liye’s situation was the same.

Even more tricky.

The main reason is that these middle and high-level members in the Qing Dynasty are not weak. The masters of the dark realm already see all directions and listen to all directions. If Duan Liye shows too many abnormalities, once he arrives in Turkey, he will When his superior returns, he will definitely be seen.

Therefore, charlie planned to play tricks.

So, he called Duan Liye to him and asked, “Duan Liye, let me ask you, besides you and your assistant, are there any people from Turkey who come here?”

“No more.” Duan Liye shook his head, and said respectfully, “I am a permanent special envoy, mainly responsible for this line, so every time I am responsible for delivering medicine and supplies, other people will not come with me.”

charlie asked again, “Isn’t there anyone with a higher rank than you who came here to check the situation?”

Duan Liye shook his head and said, “In order to avoid exposing the top management, the organization’s consistent attitude is to contact with one person and one line, and will not send out Other executives participated.”

“That’s good.” charlie felt more at ease, and asked him, “As long as you tell your superiors that everything is normal here, they won’t be too suspicious, right?”

Duan Liye nodded and said “Normally, that’s the case, but I still need to combine some of the surveillance videos here. Before I leave, I will take the surveillance hard disk back to them and let them copy the video from the hard disk for analysis.”

charlie asked him, ” What is the reason?” Who will analyze it?”

Duan Liye said, “There should be a dedicated security team in charge.”

charlie turned to ask Abbas, “Abbas, can surveillance video be tampered with?”

Abbas nodded and said, “It’s too simple , my team can modify the surveillance video frame by frame, and make sure that the other party does not see any clues.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded slightly, and turned to Li Nianzong, “Copy out the surveillance video before this morning. Let him take it away, and the monitoring at the back, after the people who broke the army have dealt with it, Duan Liye will let him take it away next time he comes.”

LiNian Zong hurriedly said, “Good sir!”

charlie asked Duan Liye again, “If you tell your superior that everything is normal here, and the surveillance video shows nothing abnormal, will your superior ask you for more details? “

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head and said, “He also has very little communication with me. He hardly sees each other. If I say that there is nothing abnormal, he will report the truth to the higher authorities.”

Duan Liye further explained, ” Inside the Clearing Society, due to the high toxicity in the body and the need for antidote for everyone, the organization has never had any deviations in its control over us, so the organization has always focused on preventing the outside world from prying into the secrets of the Clearing Society, but I don’t worry too much about traitors appearing in the Poqing Society. After all, everyone’s life is in the hands of the Poqing Society. No one will go against the Poqing Society. Not only are their own lives in the hands of the organization, but so are the lives of their family members.”

charlie nodded, it seemed that Po Qing would be very confident in their antidote, and he didn’t think anyone would be able to crack this antidote.

Thinking of this, there was only one last thing left for him to do, which was to give Duan Liye a new “psychological suggestion”.

This new “psychological suggestion” is more complex, powerful and skillful.

This will be his trump card to solve the last problem.

Thinking of this, he called Duan Liye to the office, and when there were only two people in the office, he sent more aura into his body.

Afterwards, charlie stared closely at Duan Liye, and said coldly, “Duan Liye, remember! From now on, as long as you get off the boat and enter the scope of this copper mine, you will remember me and remember me.” Remember that I am your only master, and then you will stay here honestly, and after my people make all preparations, you will return to the freighter as if nothing happened, do you understand?”

Duan Liye nodded without hesitation. “Subordinates understand!”

charlie changed the subject, and said again, “However, once you get on the boat, you will temporarily forget me as a person, and that I am your only master, and forget the psychological hint I gave you just now, and your Subconsciously, you only need to firmly believe in one thing, that is, you have completed all the work in the copper mine, and firmly believe that everything inside the copper mine is smooth and there is no abnormality!”

“Except for this point, everything else, you follow your If you want to be your special envoy, you should be your special envoy, if you should practice your martial arts, you should practice your martial arts, if you should play with your male favourite, you should play with your male favourite. You, Duan Liye, should be what you are! Do you understand?”


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