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charlie’s words made Duan Liye feel a little short-circuited.

However, after a few seconds, he figured out the content of charlie’s hint.

In fact, charlie just wanted to give him a hint, a trigger condition.

When Duan Liye was not here, charlie didn’t need him to be used by him, nor did he need him to keep thinking that he was his master.

What charlie needs is that when Duan Liye is not here, he is still himself. He doesn’t remember that he has any master, nor does he remember that he was given psychological hints, so as to ensure that he has no influence in front of other people.

And once he got off the boat and in the copper mines, the real strong cues kicked in.

In this way, it can be ensured that Duan Liye will become a tool man as soon as he arrives here, and when he leaves here, he can return to normal and be himself.

The only difference is that in the deepest part of his subconscious, charlie gave him a hidden hint, firmly believing that there is nothing abnormal here.

This order is extremely simple, and it doesn’t require Duan Liye to think about it, nor does he need to deal with any other variables for it. Therefore, the impact of this deep psychological suggestion on Duan Liye will also be reduced to a limit.

What’s more, charlie also specifically hinted that he should follow his true colors, so that it would be more difficult for others to see the clues.

However, apart from Duan Liye, charlie also controlled his male favorite on the boat last night.

Right now, the same psychological hint needs to be given to that male favorite.

So, he said to Duan Liye, “Go to the boat and bring your male pet over. I have something to tell him.”

“Okay.” Duan Liye nodded without thinking, and then immediately opened the door and went out.

Just after Duan Liye left, charlie called Abbas, Li Nianzong, 390, 547, and Abbas’s master Qiu Zhiyuan to the office.

After everyone came in, charlie said, “Everyone, I have already solved Duan Liye’s problem. In the future, as long as he is still a special envoy, he can temporarily avoid the supervision of the Qing Dynasty. I’m afraid the base will be in danger, and everyone will have to evacuate from Cyprus immediately before the Poqing Council can mobilize enough people to attack.”

Li Nianzong asked respectfully, “Sir, all of us add up to more than 4,000. If If you really need to evacuate, where can you evacuate?”

charlie smiled slightly and said in relief, “Don’t worry about this, the Wanlong Temple is on the other side of Syria, and is building a base that can accommodate 100,000 people. If it is really necessary, we will Will let him transfer everyone to Syria.”

Abbas said at this time, “Don’t worry, everyone, Wanlongdian will move from Syria, and the response speed will be much faster than Poqing will maneuver from other places, and it will be done by Poqing. Judging from the current global maneuverability, the number of dead soldiers they can mobilize around the world in a single day cannot exceed 2,000, and if they really do it, they can’t be the opponent of Wanlongdian.”

Abbas It is safe to say this.

The strength of the Qing Dynasty is indeed very strong, and its influence spreads all over the world.

However, if we really want to concentrate our efforts on doing big things, they are definitely not as good as Wanlongdian in this regard.

Even if it is a country whose military strength ranks above the middle in the world, it is impossible to deploy tens of thousands of people around the world in a short period of time, and there are tens of thousands of soldiers under the command of Wanlongdian, and most of them are concentrated around Syria.

Therefore, in the Middle East, Wanlongdian really doesn’t have to be afraid of breaking the Qinghui.

Abbas’s words made Li Nianzong, 390 and others breathe a sigh of relief. After all, they all have families and have just seen the dawn of changing their destiny. Under such circumstances, they naturally want to see More hope, see a greater success rate.

If there is Wanlong Temple behind it as support, then everyone can completely rest assured and stick to it here.

charlie said at this time, “Everyone must be clear about one thing. No matter how well we can hide it now, this base will be exposed sooner or later, but the exposure is not terrible. As long as we are fully prepared, we will definitely be able to avoid it.” Necessary casualties.”

As he said, charlie said again, “Listen well, once something happens to Duan Liye, we will immediately evacuate everyone, but before evacuating, you must completely destroy this base for me. I want the Poqing Society to see my hard work go to waste with my own eyes!”

The value of this copper mine is not high, but the value of the underground project under the copper mine, which is specially designed for dead soldiers, is immeasurable.

The construction cost of the entire underground project alone is estimated to start at one billion US dollars, and when various hardware equipment is included, the cost is even more astronomical.

The most important thing is that it takes a lot of time to quietly build such an underground project, and it may not be completed in ten or eight years. This is the most distressing thing for the Po Qinghui ( Benn ).


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