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Li Nianzong said, “Sir, with your permission, we can lay a blasting point underground in advance. Once needed, we only need to fill the blasting point with high explosives to blow up the entire underground fortification. Once the underground is destroyed , there will be a huge subsidence area on the ground, and the entire copper mine has almost no rescue value.”

390 also immediately agreed and said, “That’s right, sir, the daily mining of copper mines is to use blasting and excavation, and Jiedushi is in charge there. With a large amount of emulsion explosives, as long as enough explosives are pre-buried on the key support positions, the entire underground can be blown up!”

charlie nodded slightly, and said, “In that case, then make preparations in advance. After that, he turned to look at Abbas and his master Qiu Zhiyuan, and ordered, “

Abbas, your master will be the Jiedushi here from now on, responsible for coordinating the operation of the entire copper mine and the control of explosives.” And to deal with crisis situations, you organize a team from Wanlongdian and set up a special force, which will be managed by your master, who will be fully responsible for the daily security of the entire copper mine. Once you find out, the special envoy who will come here one day It’s no longer Duan Liye, and you will immediately implement the evacuation plan.”

Abbas and Qiu Zhiyuan said in unison, β€œYour subordinates obey!”

And Qiu Zhiyuan asked more, “Mr. Wade, as you said, once the special envoy is no longer Duan Liye, are we going to kill the new special envoy?

” When we found that the special envoy had changed, we put him in the copper mine, once he entered the copper mine, the special forces immediately attacked him, and we must kill him and his followers in the shortest possible time!”

charlie said again Said, “Everyone listen to my next order!”

The crowd immediately cheered up and waited for charlie’s next words.

charlie looked at Qiu Zhiyuan, and asked loudly with a firm expression, “Once the killing is successful, Qiu Zhiyuan must immediately convey the message to Abbas within 30 seconds without any delay. Can you do it?”

Qiu Zhiyuan Clasping his fists with both hands, he bowed and said, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, the subordinate will delay for a second, come and see you!”

“Okay!” , Be sure to send a ship to Cyprus within half an hour, the ship must be large enough to take everyone back to Syria, and must have enough concealment means to prevent any clues from being traced by the other party, can you do it?”

Abbas immediately said in a

loud voice, “Don’t worry, sir, this subordinate will definitely complete all the arrangements you have made!” Immediately and in the shortest possible time, synchronize the information to the knight guards and dead soldiers, and at the same time dispatch specialThe team began to bury the explosives at the blasting points that had been laid in advance, and made preparations for the blasting. Can you do it?

Qiu Zhiyuan bowed again and said, “Return to Mr. Wade, this subordinate can do it! ” “

” Good! “charlie looked at Li Nianzong, the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards ), and ordered, “Li Nianzong, once you receive the news, immediately notify all the family members of the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards ) to prepare to evacuate. At the same time, you personally lead the elite soldiers of the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards ) to dispatch quietly. Control all the people and ensure that they cannot transmit any information to the outside world in a short period of time. Can you do it?

Li Nianzong replied firmly without hesitation, ” Don’t worry, sir, your subordinates will fulfill their mission!” “

charlie nodded, looked at the dead man 390 again, and ordered, “390, once you receive the news, immediately organize all the dead men and their families to prepare for evacuation. In the case of ensuring speed and efficiency, be methodical and never panic! And we must ensure that the elderly, children, and women evacuate first. If others dare to preempt, they will be killed. Can you do it?

390 said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr. 390 guarantees with the head, and will never disclose anything! ” charlie nodded slightly in satisfaction, and said, “

At that time, as long as you can kill the new special envoy and control the people on the freighter in the shortest possible time, theoretically at least half a day, that is, twelve hours can be bought for the evacuation. This is also the time it takes for the freighter to unload and reload; “

Ba Qing will be too confident in their poison and antidote, this is also our opportunity, as long as we grasp these twelve hours, we will be able to evacuate without a trace Without a trace;”

“After everyone has withdrawn, the special forces left behind will be responsible for blowing up the entire copper mine! “

“At that time, the huge explosion will definitely attract the attention of the local people in Cyprus first. Once they intervene, it will become very difficult for the Qing government to follow up and investigate.” “

Besides, this kind of explosion will completely destroy the entire underground, and at the same time form a subsidence on the ground. It is impossible for them to investigate deeply in the underground hundreds of meters deep;”

“So as long as we don’t leave any clues when we withdraw, these thousands of people will seem to have evaporated in the eyes of the Po Qinghui ( Benn ). They can’t think of how these people did it, let alone how they did it. I understand how these people broke through the shackles of the antidote.”

“At that time, I’m afraid Po Qinghui ( Benn ) will be the first to be scared to death, and it must be a huge blow to them!”

Speaking of this, charlie slightly After a pause, he said with a smile, “The above is our plan to overthrow the nest!”


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