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charlie is never stingy with those who follow him sincerely.

At the beginning, the Wanpo Army led the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace to kill Yeling Mountain. With such a deep hatred, charlie could also repair him after he cut off his meridian, and even helped him step into the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm, and then helped him directly. Step into the dark.

Now, Qiu Zhiyuan surrendered sincerely and without reservation, so I naturally wanted to help him.

What’s more, Qiu Zhiyuan has been trapped in the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm for thirty years, if he can help him achieve a breakthrough at this time, it will definitely be the greatest kindness in his life.

Therefore, charlie planned to take advantage of this opportunity to gain adult beauty.

At this moment, Qiu Zhiyuan was still tearful deep in his heart. Hearing charlie say that he could break through to the dark realm by taking the medicine, he even trembled uncontrollably.

With trembling hands, he took the elixir given by charlie tremblingly, and then he fell on the ground and kowtowed, “Mr. Wade is so kind and virtuous, this subordinate will never forget it!

” Take the medicine, Wanlong Palace really needs more dark realm masters!”

Qiu Zhiyuan nodded heavily, then glanced at the two pills in his hand, and put them into his mouth without thinking .

Immediately afterwards, Qiu Zhiyuan experienced the most miraculous moment in his life.

The two real pills suddenly turned into a stream of pure energy at the moment of entrance, pouring into his dantian in no time.

But at this time, Qiu Zhiyuan’s dantian could never have imagined that there would be such a powerful energy rushing in.

This feeling is like a sudden dam break upstream, and a huge amount of flood floods into a small reservoir downstream. Such a powerful energy cannot be carried by a mere small reservoir.

So, after that energy quickly filled the dantian, it began to rush towards his eight extraordinary meridians from the dantian.

He was already at the Dzogchen Ming Realm, and his eight meridians had been opened up, but the degrees of unblocking varied. The meridians with the best conditions were only opened up to 70%.

But this force is surging and extremely domineering, directly hitting his meridian pulse more unimpeded!

Qiu Zhiyuan was shocked and delighted!

He finally understood why the Wan Po Army could break through successively in such a short period of time.

With this magical medicine, breaking through to the dark realm is as easy as pie!

At this moment, charlie’s voice sounded beside Qiu Zhiyuan’s ear, “Hurry up and guide and absorb this medicinal power, don’t waste it!”

As soon as Qiu Zhiyuan heard this, he immediately put all his energy into guiding the surging medicinal power, It is constantly working in the meridians.

Ten minutes later, Qiu Zhiyuan finally absorbed the surging power gradually, and at this time, he finally discovered that his dantian, eight extraordinary meridians, and even the muscles and bones of his whole body had undergone earth-shaking changes!

He can clearly feel that his strength has taken a big step forward, and even his control over the dantian and meridians in his body has been greatly improved.

In the past, he was like a handicapped person with poor eyesight. He could only see the state of his body hazyly, but now, he felt like he had newly grown a pair of healthy eyes. It’s easy to see at a glance.

This all-round improvement made him amazed, and he was so excited that he burst into tears.

He couldn’t help thinking in his heart, “So this is the feeling of the dark realm… Everything has become stronger and clearer. Compared with before, it is simply a qualitative improvement!”

“If you don’t enter the dark realm I can never experience such a wonderful feeling in my whole life! I have waited for thirty years, and now everything is worth it!”

Thinking of this, Qiu Zhiyuan opened his eyes, and with tears in his eyes, he saw charlie’s face and leaned down again. Kowtowing, he choked with excitement and said, “Mr. Wade… Thank you for giving me the opportunity! My subordinate… I finally broke through to the dark realm!”

charlie smiled slightly, and said seriously, “The Dark Realm is just a new beginning, and the road ahead will be more difficult and farther than the decades you have gone through before. If you can step into the Dark Realm before you turn 100, Consummation, it is no longer a luxury to live to the age of 140 or 50. In this way, you will have the opportunity to enter the realm of transformation. If you can enter the realm of transformation before the age of 150, your life span may be extended by another ten years. “

Speaking of this, charlie suddenly changed the subject and said seriously, “However, the longer you live, the more effort you need to put in. Ordinary people can still retire at the age of sixty, but martial arts practitioners, if they pursue cultivation Because, even at the age of one hundred and sixty, you will still have to practice hard, and you will not be able to relax for a lifetime. You and Abbas must be fully prepared for the long road ahead. It is definitely a pain that ordinary people can hardly understand.”

Qiu Zhiyuan said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, since the day you stepped into the door of martial arts, you have firmly believed that the journey of martial arts is long and the road is long. Search up and down!”

charlie nodded lightly, and said calmly, “From today on, teach these dead soldiers and knight guards well, and there will be a battle with the Poqing Society in the future. A large part of the chance of surviving depends on the It depends on how far you can teach them.”

Qiu Zhiyuan said respectfully, “Your subordinates understand! Please rest assured, Mr. Wade, from today onwards, your subordinates will teach them wholeheartedly without any reservations!”

charlie slightly relieved After taking a breath, he said,

” Okay , you go and bring in the original Jiedushi. Anyway, he is also a master of the dark realm, so he can’t waste it.

” The thoroughly controlled Jiedushi was brought in from the outside.

Although this person’s cultivation was already at the second level of the Dark Realm, he still became charlie’s puppet at this time.

After the man came in, he stood respectfully in front of charlie, as if a robot was waiting for orders.

charlie looked at him, and asked with great interest, “What’s your name?”

The man immediately said respectfully, “Mr., my name is Bick.”

charlie asked again, “How did you become the Jiedushi?”


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