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Bick replied, “This subordinate was born in the Huben camp. After coming out of the Huben camp, he first traveled in various continents, and then was assigned to serve as the Jiedushi. “

charlie asked him curiously, “The Poqing Association has such strict management, how could it let you travel around?”

Bick hurriedly said, “Mr. wade, traveling is a necessary process for everyone who comes out of Huben Camp. The organization allows us to travel everywhere.” , just to let us find some talented people in martial arts, and persuade them to join the Poqing Association.”

charlie sneered, “It turns out that they are pulling people’s heads everywhere, and it seems that the Poqing Association is short of people.”

“Yes.” Bick nodded and said, “In the past few years, the members of Huben Camp have become less and less, and there are fewer and fewer martial arts geniuses who have the potential to enter the dark world, so the organization let us travel around to find suitable talents.”

charlie nodded, Pointing to Qiu Zhiyuan, he ordered, “Bick, from today onwards, I want you to stay close to this copper mine and follow his instructions at all times. Do whatever he asks you to do. If someone wants to harm him, you must He resisted desperately for him at the first time, even if he died, he would not be afraid, do you understand?” Bick nodded

without hesitation and said, “I understand!”

charlie nodded slightly, and said to Qiu Zhiyuan, “This person’s strength has reached The two heavens of darkness, stay by your side to be your helper.”

Qiu Zhiyuan hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, Abbas is in the midst of employing someone, and his level of cultivation is even higher than that of my master and apprentice. Why don’t you let him stay with Abbas and work for Wanlongdian?”

charlie waved his hand and said lightly, “Wanlongdian is in a different situation from you. Wanlongdian has become a local snake in the Middle East. You have to weigh it, but your place is different, murderous intentions are everywhere, if you break the clear, you will be replaced by a special envoy who is stronger than Duan Liye, you two masters of the dark world, the chances of winning are better, let him stay with you.”

Qiu Zhiyuan Hearing this, he didn’t insist any longer, and said with his hands clasped, “My subordinates respectfully follow Mr.’s arrangement!”

Ten o’clock in the morning.

As a special envoy, Duan Liye, together with his male favorite, was sent to the pier by the convoy.

Since the members of the copper mine still need to hide their identities, Jiedushi and others will not get off the car during the normal send-off.

Therefore, Qiu Zhiyuan alsoDid not get out of the car.

He watched Duan Liye and his male favorite get out of the car, and watched the two step onto the freighter.

The guards and crew members on the freighter bowed respectfully to Duan Liye when they saw Duan Liye, and shouted respectfully to Mr. Special Envoy.

However, Duan Liye seldom responded. At most, he hummed and walked towards his office without looking back.

After entering the room with the male pet, the captain came to the door, knocked on the door, and said respectfully, “Master Special Envoy, our goods have been loaded, do you want to leave the port?”

At this time, Duan Liye had already triggered charlie The strong implication left deep in his heart, he only knows that everything in the copper mine is as usual, without any abnormalities, and he has successfully completed the task of delivering medicine and on-site inspection this time, and this routine task has been successfully completed End.

So he said lightly, “Since the goods are all loaded, let’s go directly.”

“Okay!” The captain responded quickly, “Then my subordinates will arrange to set sail!

” Finally started to sail away.

Duan Liye and his male favorite have completely forgotten what happened in the copper mine at this time.

It was also charlie’s technical and triggering psychological hints that ensured that Duan Liye looked the same as usual at this time.

When the freighter disappeared at sea level, charlie was also preparing to set off for Lebanon with the Wan Po Army.

The related affairs of the station have been properly arranged. From now on, this station will be jointly managed by the master of the Wanpo Army, Qiu Zhiyuan, Li Nianzong, the Bickford guards , and the dead man 390.

And their common superior is Abbas.

Abbas left them an online contact method, and asked Qiu Zhiyuan to call Li Nianzong and 3900 every day to give him a routine report together.

After everything was arranged, charlie and Abbas boarded the speedboat back to Lebanon.

After sailing, charlie said to Abbas, “Abbas, when I arrive in Lebanon later, I will fly directly back to the United States. Please pay more attention to things here.”

Abbas said without hesitation, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade. Any mistakes will be made here.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said, “After returning, let the brothers who are above the six-star generals of the Wanlong Temple go all out to retreat and practice, and make sure to improve their foundations. Hold tight!”

charlie said again, “Within this year, there must be more than five dark masters in the Wanlong Palace! Right now, besides you and your master, there are still three people short!”

“Tell them, this Among the three, I will select the three with the best aptitude, the most solid foundation, and the most hardworking cultivation, and help them break through to the dark realm! Whoever works the hardest will have the potential to become one of the three!”


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