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“Add three more dark realm experts?!”

Abbas was a little dumbfounded by charlie’s words.

Although he is now a master of the dark realm, he is very clear in his heart how rare a master of the dark realm is.

It is no exaggeration to say that Abbas has never seen anyone who can break through the dark realm by himself.

First of all, he was able to break through the dark realm, all thanks to charlie’s support.

Secondly, his master, who failed to break through for thirty years, was finally able to achieve his wish only thanks to the opportunity given by charlie.

As for the special envoy Duan Liye and Jiedu envoy Bick of the Qing Dynasty, they were all trained by the Qing Dynasty’s Huben camp.

So, so far, Abbas has never heard of any master of the dark realm, and broke through by himself.

It is precisely because of this that when Abbas heard that charlie was going to add three more dark realm masters to the Wanlong Palace, he was both surprised and happy, and he couldn’t even believe his ears.

From Abbas’s point of view, if Wanlong Palace can have five dark realm masters, the overall strength will definitely reach a new level again, which is definitely a great thing.

So, he said gratefully and excitedly to charlie, “Mr. Wade, if my subordinates tell the good news to those brothers above six-star generals, they will definitely be very excited!”

charlie nodded slightly, and said calmly “The establishment of the Huben Camp by the Poqing Society is indeed a wonderful move! Unlike the dead, almost all those who can join the Huben Camp are masters of the Dzogchen level in the Ming Realm, and what is even more commendable is that the Poqing Society does not need To imprison or enslave them, you only need to tell them that the Huben Camp can make them masters of the dark world, and they will flock to them, and even want to join the Poqing Society, and they can also make them take the poison.”

wade said. Chen said with a serious expression, “The biggest advantage of the Huben Camp is that he doesn’t need to train and select from within himself, but can select the best from the warriors from all over the world. Don’t underestimate the selection of the best. It can directly set the screening threshold to the ceiling, which greatly saves one’s own energy and time.”

Abbas also couldn’t help sighing, “They made every case master have to travel around the world and discover talents for the Huben camp. This move is also very delicate. These masters in the dark realm can easily see the Dzogchen and the Dzogchen in the bright realm. In this way, as long as the Dzogchen of the Ming Realm is discovered by them, it will be difficult to refuse them to become the bait of the master of the Dark Realm.”

charlie agreed and said, “This is also something we can learn from. Wanlongdian will also gradually establish an internal organization dedicated to cultivating dark realm masters. In the first stage, we can select from within, and in the second stage, we can look for suitable candidates from all over the world like the Huben Camp of the Qing Dynasty.”

After finishing speaking, charlie said again, “I will think about this matter carefully when I go back, and try to put it on the agenda as soon as possible.”

Abbas said respectfully, “Okay, Mr. Wade, my subordinates are waiting for your instructions!”

At noon, The speedboat that charlie and Abbas took has arrived in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

In order not to waste time, charlie returned to the United States directly from Beirut on the Concorde Airliner.

After charlie’s plane took off, the Wanpo Army returned to the headquarters base of Wanlongdian in Syria.

Unbeknownst to the mighty CCP, they have permanently lost their base in Cyprus.

A few hours later, charlie returned to Providence, and returned to his wife Claire.

Claire only thought that her husband had read Feng Shui for a client again, but she didn’t know that in the past few days, in order to fight against the most mysterious and powerful organization in the world, he traveled all over northern Europe, Syria, and Lebanon and Cyprus.

After returning to Providence, Claire’s master class at Rhode Island School of Design has also come to an end.

Rhode Island School of Design prepared a special graduation ceremony for the master class. Claire greeted charlie two days in advance and asked charlie to accompany her to this ceremony.

charlie naturally didn’t refuse. After all, my wife has studied hard in the master class for more than a month. Seeing the graduation, I will definitely accompany her to participate in this graduation ceremony, which can be regarded as a successful end to this study in the United States. .

The graduation ceremony was arranged on Friday night, and Claire was ready to return home at this time, so she hoped to check out early on Saturday morning and embark on the return journey.

charlie also agreed without hesitation, and made the wade family’s Concorde ready to take off from New York on Saturday morning.

The main reason for taking off from New York was that charlie had to go to Fei’s hospital to pick up Elaine who was recuperating in the hospital.

In addition, Aunt Angie, Lisa who were far away in Canada, and the Italian mixed-race girl who was adopted by Aunt Angie and indirectly saved Lisa’s life by notifying charlie in advance—Claudia Dinosio, The three of them had promised charlie long ago that they would return to China with their husband and wife after Claire finished his studies.

After Aunt Angie and Lisa go back, they will help him take care of the large orphanage he invested in. As for Claudia, who has no relatives or family history, charlie also promised her that he will find a way to arrange her to study at Aurous Hill University so that she will be able to study in Aurous Hill University in the future. Take root in Aurous Hill.

There are many direct flights from Vancouver, Canada to New York, the United States. charlie plans to return to China from New York, and it happens that he can meet the three of them in New York first.

Soon it was Friday.

Claire finished all the courses at noon and returned to the hotel. As soon as she entered the room, she couldn’t hide her excitement and said to charlie, “Husband, our courses are all over!”

charlie asked her with a smile, “The whole master class study How do you feel after coming down?”

“It’s great!” Claire couldn’t help but sigh, “The background of top design schools and the thinking of top design masters are difficult for a small designer like me to learn by myself in a lifetime, just like those Those who study classical music must go to top classical music schools such as Curtis and Juilliard to realize how far they are from the top in the world.”


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