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As he said that, Claire laughed at himself, and said seriously, “Actually, I feel that for a primary school student like me, suddenly coming to such a top hall, it doesn’t look like I came to learn something, but more like a pilgrimage.”

charlie smiled softly, and encouraged him, “Don’t think so, I always thought you had the talent to become a world-class designer, but you are still young and haven’t ushered in the time when you have accumulated a lot of money. You only started to make a fortune at the age of 50. You are still so young, so don’t underestimate yourself. Maybe when you are 40, you will become the top female designer in the world. At that time, I will really I’m going to lie down at home and eat my wife’s soft meal.”

Claire couldn’t help laughing, and said shyly, “I’m afraid that I haven’t become a world-class design master, you have already become a world-class Feng Shui master, you At such a young age, there are so many great people who ask you to show them Feng Shui. If more than ten years pass, even a big man like Bill Gates will ask you to learn Feng Shui!”

charlie laughed and said, “Bill Gates If you ask me to see Fengshui, then I really have to think about it.”

Claire asked curiously, “Why, my husband, you still have to think about Bill Gates asking you to look at Fengshui?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Who goes all the way ? The United States is here to serve him, if he buys a villa in Aurous Hill, maybe I can pay him a favor and show him a second, and the United States is fine.”

Claire couldn’t help laughing, and said, “You, say you You are so fat!”

After that, Claire thought of Elaine, and quickly asked her, “By the way, my husband, how is my mother in New York? I have made video calls to her these days, and she always doesn’t like me. Then, she has to turn it into a voice before she is willing to chat with me. I always wonder if she has something to hide from me.”

charlie thought to himself, “Of course she has something to hide from you. You can’t imagine it. Her He broke his leg again, and now this Bedford Mountain ghost is recuperating in a hospital in New York, so if he video-videos with you, it will be a leak.”

However, charlie still smiled and comforted “You, don’t think too much, it’s not like you don’t know Mom’s behavior style,Ordinary people like us can’t figure her out at all. Anyway, she will return to China tomorrow, and she will definitely not stay in the United States alone.

Claire nodded, and then asked, “By the way, husband, have you booked your ticket yet? ” charlie shook his head and said, “There is no need to book

a ticket, Miss Fei just has a plane to go back to China, so she can take us back by the way.”

Claire asked in surprise, “Miss Fei? ” Is it Miss Fei Kexin Fei from the Fei family? “

“Yes. “charlie nodded, “It’s her. There was a bastard named Jamura in their family some time ago, and something big happened. It made Fei’s family miserable. I went to help her change Fengshui , Let the Fei family survive the crisis. Miss Fei has always been very grateful, knowing that we are going back to China soon, so she offered to let us go back by her plane. “

Because there are more people going back together this time, charlie doesn’t plan to take so many people on an ordinary civil aviation airliner.

However, his Concorde airliner is indeed a bit eye-catching, not only is it difficult to explain to Claire Elaine’s flamboyant personality is also a big trouble. She can’t wait to post ten Moments in a row if she is in Gulfstream. If she is in Xiehe, she will probably be able to scroll through Moments in one day.

So after much deliberation, Charlie He planned to ask Fei Kexin to randomly arrange a plane from the Fei family’s fleet, and he has a close relationship with her, so charlie has no embarrassment about such a small matter.

Claire heard that charlie was going to fly with Fei Kexin When the plane returned, her expression was complicated for a while.

When she first met Fei Kexin, Fei Kexin was still using her other identity named Zhan Feier. Until Claire

saw Fei Kexin on TV, Only then did she realize that the “good friend” she thought she hadn’t even told herself her real identity.

However, Claire was not angry. After all, she also knew that Fei Kexin’s status was unattainable. As a small entrepreneur, she is so far away from her that it is very rare for her to be able to make friends with her in another identity, not to mention that she also helped her win a valuable place in the master class.

The only thing Claire was a little bit upset about was that Fei Kexin, a friend with whom he talked all the time, suddenly disappeared without leaving any clues.

Claire didn’t have many friends, and it took a lot of heart and soul to make friends, but she didn’t expect that the other party disappeared, and later found out that even her identity was fake, which made her feel a little bit shocked.

Thinking of this, Claire couldn’t help asking, “By the way, husband, will Miss Fei go back to China with us?”

charlie shook his head, “She probably won’t, what’s the matter?”

Claire sighed lightly, and sighed, ” It’s okay, just be friends, as long as everything goes well for her.”


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