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charlie could see that in Claire’s heart, he still regarded Fei Kexin as a friend.

However, the huge disparity in social status between the two made her feel a little discouraged.

charlie understood this very well.

Moreover, for charlie, he doesn’t really want his wife to get too close to Fei Kexin.

On the one hand, Fei Kexin already knew her identity, and if his wife got too close to her, she might reveal clues to her identity; on the

other hand, Fei Kexin was too smart, compared to Claire In front of her, it was like a primary school student facing a graduate student. One is too smart and the other is too naive. If such two people really become friends, both parties must be very tired in order to compromise with each other.

Therefore, it is the best for the two of them to maintain the current state in charlie’s opinion.

So, charlie changed the subject and asked Claire, “Honey, what time does the graduation ceremony start?”

Claire said, “The ceremony will start from 5:00 to 5:30 p.m., and it will officially start at six o’clock.”

charlie nodded and said, “Then let’s pack up our luggage in the afternoon, and we can drive to New York tomorrow morning.

” I really miss home! My dad ended the exchange a few days ago and returned to Aurous Hill from South Korea. I don’t know how he is doing at home by himself these days. He can’t cook, and eating alone is a problem. “

charlie laughed and said, “Eating is a trivial matter. With a mobile phone these days, I can’t go hungry anywhere, and my mother is not at home. Dad may have a much happier time alone. Maybe he still hopes that we will go back later. , for middle-aged and elderly married men, being able to live at home alone for a few days is more comfortable than being the president of the United States for a few days.”

Claire couldn’t help but sigh, “If you want to talk about the family, you have to be a woman! You see we just came here When I was in the US, my dad also went to South Korea for an exchange. My mom was the only one at home. According to what you just said, she must be very comfortable and comfortable at home alone, but she still misses us in her heart, so she came all the way to the US Watch us.”

charlie was a little dumb for a moment, and thought to himself, “Elaine has us in her heart? Good wife, you don’t know your mother well enough. The reason why your mother came to the United States is because I designed it for her to accompany you. It was a small trick to make her spend all the money, but if she had more than one hundred or two hundred thousand in her hand, she would not come to America.”

However, charlie couldn’t tell the truth, So he smiled and said, “My wife, you are right, our mother still values ​​friendship.”

Claire said with a smile, “We will set off tomorrow morning, and we will be home in ten hours. By then, Dad’s good days may come to an end .” It ‘s gone.”

While Claire was packing her luggage, charlie came to the terrace of the presidential suite and called Mrs. Lewis in Canada.

As soon as the call was connected, Mrs. Lewis respectfully called “Young Master!”

charlie wanted to persuade Mrs. Lewis not to call himself that, but after thinking about it, he finally gave up the idea.

He knew that even if he told Mrs. Lewis not to call him young master, it would not change the fact that in Mrs. Lewis’s heart, he was the young master of the wade family.

In addition, she always felt that the wade family saved her life and arranged for her to retire in Canada. In her heart, she felt that she was the servant of the wade family.

In front of people who don’t know charlie’s identity, she will directly call charlie’s name against her will, but when there are no outsiders, she wants to call charlie “Master” from the bottom of her heart.

Therefore, charlie stopped pointing out the matter, but said with a smile, “Mrs. Lewis, Claire’s course in the United States has ended today, and we plan to return to Aurous Hill tomorrow, you and Lisa, how about you?” With Claudia, make some simple preparations, and come to New York to meet us tomorrow.”

Mrs. Lewis couldn’t help but said happily when she heard this, “That’s great, master, during this time, Lisa has been talking to me about going back to Aurous Hill. I’m also thinking about the large orphanage you mentioned, and I’m already looking forward to it.”

charlie smiled and said, “That’s great, I’m afraid you’d be reluctant to part with the Canadian environment.”

Mrs. Lewis said very seriously, “Master, to tell you the truth, when this person gets older, he will not be as good as home anywhere, not to mention I can’t wait to be able to shine for those children after I go back.”

“Then Okay.” charlie also breathed a sigh of relief, and asked again, “By the way, Mrs. Lewis, how are Lisa and Claudia doing?”

Mrs. Lewis replied, “They still go to the supermarket to work every day. After what happened last time, the two The relationship between people is better, like sisters.”

charlie asked, “About going to Aurous Hill, did Claudia show any reluctance before, or did she have any concerns?”

Mrs. Lewis thought for a while and said “Since you left, Claudia’s mentality seems to be a lot more optimistic, and she is also a lot more cheerful, and she is still looking forward to going to Aurous Hill to start a new life. Vancouver is a place that is too different for her. Good memories, plus the rainy season in Vancouver is too long, so it is relatively dull.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “However, the only thing she can worry about is the tomb of her parents and younger brother. Lisa promised her that she will take summer vacation every year in the future. When I come back with her to pay respects to her parents, she has nothing to worry about.”

“Okay.” charlie felt a little relieved when he heard this.

Although he didn’t have much contact with Claudia, he really sympathized with this girl’s experience, especially when the whole family died at the hands of relatives, but at the age of eighteen, she endured the humiliation and stuck a piece of her face on her face. It is impossible for an ordinary 18-year-old girl to have the intelligence and forbearance to show people with fake scars.

Fortunately, I helped Claudia kill her enemy, otherwise it would be very difficult for this girl to live a normal life.


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