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Come to think of it, this is also a good relationship planted by Claudia herself. If she hadn’t discovered that Guo Lei was plotting against Lisa and then warned herself, she might not be able to save Lisa, let alone help her complete revenge.

With emotion in his heart, charlie smiled and said to Mrs. Lewis, “Mrs. Lewis, after going back this time, the houses and supermarkets in Canada can continue to be kept. In the future, if you are really tired and want to retire, you can still return to Canada;”

“In addition, I have arranged for Isaac Cameron to prepare a decent villa for you, Lisa, and Claudia in Aurous Hill. From now on, this villa will be reserved for you to retire in Aurous Hill. If Lisa and Claudia When I get married in the future, it will be the parents’ home of the two little girls.”

Mrs. Lewis hurriedly said, “You can’t do it, young master, you and the wade family have already given me too much favor, how can I still want your villa again? Just leave us a room in the orphanage…”

charlie said earnestly, “Mrs. Lewis, today is different from the past, and today’s charlie is no longer the one who works three jobs a day to earn money for the younger brothers and sisters in the orphanage. charlie is money for books and milk powder. I used to earn two to three thousand yuan a month, and I could give all the money to the orphanage. Now, I have inherited the wade family and have my own property, a mere villa. , if it is converted on a proportional basis, it is not as good as a lunch box when I was working, so you don’t have to shirk it.”

Then, charlie said again, “And Mrs. Lewis, you have taken care of me for so many years, you are my benefactor, and now you still have to pay for it.” Back to work in Aurous Hill for me, if I don’t give you a proper settlement in Aurous Hill, other people will criticize me.”

Mrs. Lewis sighed and said sincerely, “Master, in fact, I just did it well after all these years. I don’t dare to be a benefactor for my own work…”

charlie said firmly, “Mrs. Lewis, in my heart, you are my benefactor.”

After speaking, charlie didn’t want to continue to dwell too much on this issue Confused, he changed the topic and said, “By the way, Mrs. Lewis, let Lisa and Claudia start packing their luggage. Take whatever you need and want. I will arrange for Don Albert to fly to Vancouver early tomorrow morning. Ask him to bring someone to pick you up at home.”

Mrs. Lewis hurriedly said, “Young master, don’t bother, the three of us can go to the airport by ourselves.”

charlie insisted, “Mrs. Lewis, we are tired of traveling, so we should try our best to save our worries. Don Alberthui will take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry. We’ll meet at the New York airport tomorrow. The plane you and Lisa are on is our plane back to Aurous Hill. When the plane lands in New York, we’ll board the plane When I meet you, you don’t have to get off the plane and turn around.”

Mrs. Lewis heard charlie’s firm tone, so she had no choice but to agree, and respectfully said, “Then it’s hard work, young master, you can arrange it.”

“No hard work.” charlie smiled slightly and said, “Mrs. Lewis, see you tomorrow!”

Five p.m.

charlie, who had changed into a suit, and Claire, who was wearing a white evening dress and long skirt, came to the Rhode Island School of Design together.

It was the summer vacation of American college students, so there were no young students in the huge campus, but there were many faculty and staff, and even many media reporters and well-known designers in the design field.

Rhode Island School of Design attaches great importance to the master class every year, so the school’s auditorium is specially used to hold the graduation ceremony for the master class.

When charlie and Claire came to the auditorium, the auditorium was already full of voices.

Many designers who participated in the master class invited their relatives and friends, and even their bosses, mentors, and partners in the design field to help out for today’s graduation ceremony.

It is said to be a graduation ceremony, but it is actually a salon where industry elites show their identities and make friends with industry dignitaries.

In contrast, Claire, who is only accompanied by her husband and has no industry background, seems a bit out of place here.

When signing in, Claire found an inconspicuous corner on the huge sign-in board, and wrote down his name.

Just as I handed the signature pen to the Miss Etiquette, a woman with an oriental face strode up beside Claire, and beside Claire’s signature position, she wrote a series of huge English signature e.

Emily Wang, it seems that she should be of Chinese descent.

However, what makes charlie a little upset is that when this Emily signed her name, she signed her name extraordinarily large, and the letter g at the end threw an exaggerated arc, and even made the letter that Claire had already signed The names are all painted on.

Seeing that his signature was drawn by the other party, Claire was a little taken aback, but he didn’t say anything, and that Emily Wang looked at Claire with surprise at this time, and said with a smile, “Oh, Claire!” However, I didn’t see you just now, when did you come?”

Claire smiled and said politely, “I just arrived.”

Emily nodded and said with a smile, “I’d like to tell you good news. I’ve become a senior partner of ae construction company, and our boss is here today. I’ll introduce you later. You can have a good chat with him.” Chat, maybe you also have the opportunity to join ae!”

Claire said with a slight smile, “Thank you, Emily, but I don’t plan to find a job, and I plan to return to China after graduation.”

Emily said seriously “Go back and continue to run your small decoration company? E on! You are too ambitious! To be a designer is to join the world’s best design company, become a senior partner, and then win the world’s top 500 companies , and even the whole case design of the Olympic Games and the World Cup, this is the meaning of our master class!” As

she spoke, she saw a few people approaching not far away, and said in surprise, “My boss is here! Introducing you a bit!”


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