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Then, he looked at Claire with great interest, and asked her, “Emily, what’s the name of this beauty that you haven’t introduced yet?”

Emily hurriedly said, “Chairman, what’s the name of this beauty?” It’s the master class classmate I often tell you about, Claire.”

After that, she hurriedly said to Claire, “Claire, this is our boss, Matthew Peterson.”

Claire just told Ma Hugh Peterson nodded, but did not speak.

Matthew Peterson seemed a little surprised by Claire, and quickly took out a business card, handed it to Claire, and said seriously, “Ms. Xiao, our Ai Yikang is actively absorbing some young blood recently. A promising designer is the partner we most urgently need at present. I wonder if you are interested in coming to Ai Kang for a try? I can give you the status of a partner, with an annual salary of at least one million dollars!”

Claire shook his head, and said lightly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Peterson, I have my own company. Although the company is small, in my opinion, it is much more comfortable than working in any company.”

Matthew Peter Sen’s expression was a bit disappointed, but he quickly adjusted and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter, we are also looking for some potential start-up design companies around the world. If Ms. Willson wants to cooperate with us or take our investment, We can have an in-depth chat.”

charlie saw that Matthew Peterson had bad intentions, so he said lightly, “Sorry, my wife doesn’t need anyone’s investment except me.”

Matthew Peterson Frowning and looking at charlie, she asked Emily, “Who is this gentleman?”

Emily quickly explained with a smile, “Boss, this is Claire’s husband. After looking at the face, I said that my career will suffer a blow, and you are my boss, please help me to confirm whether my career is going to take off today or fall.”

charlie smiled, Seriously said: “I just said that you are indeed very happy today. Although you have a bad face, after all, you are naturally charming. As long as there is a man who is capable enough to be attracted by your charming, his ability can help you. Suppress the flaws in your facial features.”

Matthew Peterson laughed, and said, “Of course he has taken off!”

After that, he looked at charlie and said with a smile, “Sir, Emily was promoted to a senior partner today. The salary has increased several times, and I am her boss, if I say let her go up, she will definitely go up, I don’t know how you can judge that her career will be destroyed?”

charlie looked at Matthew · Peterson said lightly, “Don’t think that you can influence her future because you are the boss. Feng Shui is the least likely to make mistakes here. Maybe you are the one who really brought her down.”

“Joke.” Ma Hugh Peterson sneersSaid, “I have lived for more than forty years, and this is the first time I have seen such an arrogant young man like you. Do you know how much I value Emily? Even if the sky falls, I can’t give her any disaster.” “

charlie ignored him, just looked at Emily, smiled and said, “I said just now, you are really lucky today, but your mistake is that you shouldn’t wear this outfit, which is either black or white , just formed a strong contrast with your red face, which has already formed a sha in Fengshui!”

charlie paused, and then said, “You know, when people are happy, the most taboo is black and white matching! Black and white matching is only at funerals At any other time, Feng Shui will form. Even if a bride gets married, she only dares to wear a pure white wedding dress. Whoever dares to add black elements to a white wedding dress will inevitably have a lot of troubles after marriage, and your body The combination of black and white has obviously overwhelmed your radiant face, so your luck today will definitely be backlashed by this evil spirit, and your luck happens to be in your career, which means that your career is bound to suffer. Disaster.”

Emily said angrily after hearing charlie’s words, “You are really a bumpkin! What black and white match, you know that this is Chanel’s high-end custom style! Ordinary people can’t buy it if they have money. “

charlie smiled and said, “I don’t know much about high-end customization, but I dare say that the person who designed this dress must not understand Feng Shui.”

Matthew Peterson also mocked, “Emily is tall in Chanel I specially asked the top designer of Chanel to make the final design, and the black and white color scheme is the most classic color scheme of Chanel, if you don’t understand anything, don’t make fun of me here!”

Emily sneered a few times, looking at Claire sarcastically said, “Claire, after all, you also attended the Rhode Island School of Design’s master class. How could you marry such a man who is cheating and cheating? He is too unworthy of you!

” When Claire heard Emily commenting on charlie, she was naturally a little angry, so instead of answering Emily’s question, she said seriously, “Emily, is my husband showing Feng Shui to others?” Very accurate, he has many prominent clients in the United States, and he will never talk about it.”

Matthew Peterson on the side blurted out, “Ms. willson, people of high status all have one thing in common, that is, they have a high IQ. How could they be deceived by your husband’s clumsy deception?”

After finishing speaking, he sighed With a sarcasm, he said, “Rhode Island School of Design is the best design school in the world, and the master classes here are the elite among the elite. I really don’t know how you, a swindler like you, got here. In your Huaxia’s terms, that’s a piece of mouse droppings, ruining a pot of soup.”

Just as she was speaking, Emily suddenly looked at the entrance, and exclaimed in shock, “Boss, Fei…Miss Fei is here! “


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