The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5303

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“Miss Fei?!” Matthew Peterson exclaimed, “Why did Miss Fei come here?”

After speaking, he quickly turned his head to look at the entrance.

It doesn’t matter if you look at it, as expected, you see the young and beautiful Fei Kexin walking in accompanied by jay!

For a moment, Matthew Peterson was trembling with excitement.

When the others saw Fei Kexin, they were all shocked and speechless, and they were also surprised and happy deep in their hearts.

No one expected that the famous Fei Kexin would appear here.

Although this is the hall of top designers, the profession of designer itself is equivalent to a technician who specializes in serving the rich.

Compared with a heavyweight like Fei Kexin, they are more like a group of Michelin restaurant chefs, each of them is looking forward to a chance to personally cook a special meal for a top customer like Fei Kexin .

However, with their ranks, they are not qualified to serve Fei Kexin himself.

But who would have thought that a top rich man like Fei Kexin would come to join such a gathering of chefs today.

This really flatters them!

And charlie didn’t expect that Fei Kexin, who was already the head of the Fei family, would come to Providence in person without saying hello.

But when charlie wanted to come, Fei Kexin came here specially to show his wife Claire’s support.

And Claire, who was on the side, also said to Matthew Peterson and Emily with a bit of anger and impulsiveness when he saw Fei Kexin coming in, “It’s not that you don’t believe that my husband has given many identities. Have any prominent people read Feng Shui? To tell you the truth, this Miss Fei is one of my husband’s clients, if you don’t believe me, you can ask her!”

On weekdays, Claire seldom cares about other people’s evaluation.

But today, these two people kept mocking charlie, which really made her very dissatisfied.

She used to suspect that her husband’s feng shui reading for others was a scam.

However, as charlie had more and more clients and their social status was getting higher and higher, she found that charlie not only did not suffer from thunderstorms, but also accumulated a good reputation.

This made her gradually accept the setting that charlie is very good at Feng Shui in her heart.

So at a time like this, she naturally couldn’t bear the two of them talking nonsense to her husband all the time.

Just when Fei Kexin came, she instinctively thought that Fei Kexin could prove to her husband and let the two of them know that her husband was not some clumsy liar, but a feng shui master with real talents.

When Emily heard Claire’s words, she immediately crossed her arms and laughed, “Claire, do you know who Miss Fei is? The leader of the trillion-dollar Fei family! Trillion dollars! As long as she says a word, all Fengshui masters from all over the world will flock to the gate of her manor. In order to see her, they will be beaten to death. You say that she invited your husband to read Fengshui. Isn’t it too stupid for you to brag? If your husband can show Miss Fei Feng Shui, then I can design a manor for Miss Fei!”

Claire said with a bit of anger, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Miss Fei.”

Emily’s face suddenly became very ugly, Staring at Claire, gritted his teeth and said, “Claire, Claire, I thought you were pure in nature, but I didn’t expect your thoughts to be so vicious! It’s no exaggeration to say that you are a snake and a scorpion!”

Claire frowned Asked “Emily, what do you mean?”

Emily snorted coldly, “Oh, don’t you just want to trick me? Think I’m stupid? If I’m really stupid, I’ll go to Fei If Miss Fei asks what happened, Miss Fei will definitely feel that I am very abrupt, and even feel dissatisfied with me. If you deny that you said what you just said, then I will not be able to wash myself away by jumping into the Yellow River in front of Miss Fei. Cleared up? At that time, Miss Fei will have a bad impression of me because of my recklessness, and my career will be over! You still say that you don’t want to harm me?”

Claire’s eyes were flushed by her anger, she suppressed her anger and grievance, and said word by word, “Emily, you think that others want to harm you because of your dirty thoughts. Although I, Claire, have no skills , but I never do anything against my conscience, and I never say anything against my conscience!”

“Cut…” Emily curled her lips in disdain, “Claire, I kindly flatter you and want to introduce you to Aiyikang. It’s really disappointing to think that you are such a duplicity and double-faced woman!”

After that, she looked at Matthew Peterson and said delicately, “Chairman, it’s all my fault for judging people. I also wanted to recommend Claire to you, but I didn’t expect her to be this kind of person…”

Matthew Peterson felt a little bit stuck at this moment.

This Emily was originally his lover in the company, because she was obedient and sensible, and could serve others.

The most important thing is that Emily can clearly position herself and know that she is just a plaything of Matthew Peterson, so she never clings to Matthew Peterson, and even Matthew Peterson is ambiguous with other women, she And never jealous.

Later, Emily found that Matthew Peterson was a little tired of herself, and he seemed to have a soft spot for oriental women, so Emily took the initiative to become a bustard, and helped Matthew Peterson to match up a lot. He can meet and get involved with more women.

And it was precisely because of this that Emily became Matthew Peterson’s only lover who was reluctant to break up.

After all, as long as Emily is kept as a lover, it is equivalent to planting a seed, which can continuously bring more women to him.

Emily is also very clear that Matthew Peterson still maintains a relationship with her. It has long been not to plot her own body, but to hope that she can always find more women for him, so she is especially able to put herself in a good position. Feng, not jealous, and serve Matthew Peterson wholeheartedly.

And the woman Emily plans to match up with Matthew Peterson this time is her classmate in the master class, Claire.


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