The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5306

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Before meeting Fei Kexin, the most valuable person she had ever met in her life was probably herself, the chairman. He owns 10% of the company’s shares and is worth more than one billion US dollars.

But what is Fei Kexin’s identity? The financial empire under her command has assets exceeding one trillion yuan. In front of her, Matthew Peterson is simply a poor household who cannot afford enough food and clothing. The gap between them is worlds apart.

Seeing such a high-ranking and powerful person, Emily’s snobbish eyes naturally felt 10,000 excitements and excitements in her heart, and she also thought of 10,000 possibilities in her heart to make friends with Fei Kexin and then reach the pinnacle of life .

At this time, Claire also saw Fei Kexin walking over quickly.

Thinking of Fei Kexin’s real identity and the past when she used Zhan Fei’er’s identity to be friends with him, Claire felt somewhat embarrassed, not knowing how to face Fei Kexin now.

On the other hand, charlie kept calm all the time, and didn’t even turn his head to take a look.

charlie had heard clearly the conversation between Fei Kexin and Matthew Peterson just now, and he just couldn’t help sighing in his heart at this moment, Fei Kexin, a girl, is indeed very smart and close to a monster, but she just passed through the horse. Hugh Peterson, with a little bit of ulterior thought, can replay the whole thing in his mind and come up with a good deal. This kind of analysis canPower is amazing.

What makes charlie even more interesting is that Fei Kexin’s channel is surprisingly consistent with his own.

The reason why I lured the enemy deep was to push Matthew Peterson to a desperate situation, but Fei Kexin had accurately detected his intention and made an absolute cooperation. This tacit understanding really made charlie sigh.

However, charlie’s performance of not looking back, in Emily’s view, is an absolute evidence of guilt, and she also believes more and more firmly that charlie definitely doesn’t know Fei Kexin.

As a result, the smile on her face grew stronger, just waiting to see the jokes between charlie and Claire.

At this time, Matthew Peterson had already graciously led Fei Kexin all the way to the front of the three of them.

Before Matthew Peterson could speak, Emily stretched out her hands to Fei Kexin nervously and excitedly, and said in a trembling voice, “Fei… Hello Miss Fei… I… I’m… I’m sorry I’m a little nervous… Seeing

that Emily couldn’t speak well when she was nervous, Matthew Peterson quickly introduced, “Miss Fei, this lady is Emily, a very outstanding young talent in our company, and a master class student in this field, also I was just promoted to our senior partner…”

Fei Kexin nodded, and shook Emily’s hand politely.

At this time, Matthew Peterson looked at charlie with a face full of complacency, and said with a smile, “Sir, I invited Miss Fei here! Miss Fei, this is the gentleman who said that you are his client. I don’t know you Do you know him?”

After that, he looked at charlie with a smile, as if he was waiting for charlie’s lies to be exposed.

Fei Kexin looked at charlie, his eyes widened in feigned surprise, then he bowed slightly, and said with surprise and respect, “Master wade! Why are you here too!”


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