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After speaking, he looked at Emily again, and said with a slight smile, “Miss Wang, It’s fine if you question me, and even sarcasm to my wife, even saying that she has a vicious mind and a vicious heart, no matter how good-tempered I am, charlie, I can’t bear you to humiliate my wife.”

Emily paled and hurriedly explained Said, “Mr. wade… I… I just said something wrong on the spur of the moment… You… You must not be as knowledgeable as me…”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly looked at Claire, and begged, “Claire, please forgive me this time because I didn’t mean it…” Before

Claire could speak, Fei Kexin took the lead Step by step, he said, “Ms. Claire is my good friend, and Mr. wade is even more kind to me. How dare you speak rudely to them! Even if Mr. wade and Claire forgive you today, I will not forgive you.

After all, Claire looked at Emily and said coldly, “In my opinion, people like you should not stay in the design industry! I will make a suggestion to the International Federation of Designers, and completely Ban you, a designer with poor conduct!”

Emily almost fainted when she heard this.

She was just promoted to the senior partner of the company today, and her future was bright. If Fei Kexin really wanted to kill her, it would be impossible for any well-known design company in the world to hire her again, and those powerful Party A would not be able to hire her again. It was impossible to cooperate with Fei Kexin at the risk of offending Fei Kexin.

The design industry itself is a service industry. If you want to achieve a certain height in the design field, you must serve high-end customers. Once you lose high-end customers, you will immediately become the bottom of the design industry.

To be honest, if there are high-end clients, then any luxury house design is a big project worth millions or even tens of millions of dollars. I am afraid it is difficult to accept the design of an ordinary residence of 200 square meters;

for the public, if there is a high-end Party A, the design projects undertaken are often large shopping malls, landmark buildings, or even stadium management for major events, but once lost Even if you want to pick up a high-end Party A,The design of a residential area is also difficult.

What’s more, Emily knows her own situation very well. She doesn’t have any outstanding design talent at all. She can climb to today’s heights only by selling her body. If she is really banned by high-end customers, her point Even if you go to a small design company or set up your own studio, it will be difficult to make any money.

Originally, Emily could get an annual salary of several million dollars a year, but once she was really blocked and couldn’t get along in the design industry, it was impossible for her to have a place in other high-end industries. It is difficult to earn tens of thousands of dollars a year!

The huge gap made her extremely regretful, so she knelt down in front of charlie and Fei Kexin without thinking, choked up and said, “Mr. wade, Miss Fei, please forgive me for the sake of my knowledge of my mistakes Just once… I finally got to where I am today, if you two block me, I will have nothing…”

Fei Kexin glanced at her, then turned to look at Matthew Peterson, He asked him with great interest, “Mr. Peterson, you, the chairman, should be responsible for letting such an employee become a senior partner of your company?”

Matthew Peterson was shocked and frightened when he heard this. Next, he quickly expressed his attitude and said, “Miss Fei, there is an old saying in Huaxia that one knows the face but not the heart. I don’t know what kind of person this Emily is…but you are right. As the chairman of the company, I have Unshirkable responsibility… Don’t worry, I will immediately call the company’s human resources director and go through the resignation procedures for Emily, and I will never hire you in the future!”

Emily didn’t expect that Matthew Peterson would pull her One by myself, I didn’t expect this guy to sell himself at a critical moment!

So, she immediately became exasperated and hysterically scolded, “Petersen! You bastard! I did all this for you, and you dare to make trouble at this time, are you still a f*cking human?!”


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