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Matthew Peterson subconsciously dumped the blame on Emily just now to protect himself, but unexpectedly, he completely angered Emily.

He always thought that Emily obeyed him because he was a handsome and successful forty-year-old man who had an extraordinary charm for women, so that Emily completely surrendered to him, and took her out at critical moments. She will certainly not have any dissatisfaction.

However, he completely overestimated his so-called charm.

For Emily, money is the real source of allure.

As long as she has enough money, even if she is asked to face a ninety-year-old man, she will be addicted to it and unable to extricate herself.

However, if there is no money, even if the other party is as handsome as Tom Cruise, she still won’t take a second look.

Just now Fei Kexin said that she would be banned from the designer industry, and her financial resources had already been cut off. She didn’t expect that Matthew Peterson would actually make trouble, which made her furious.

Matthew Peterson also saw that Emily seemed to be losing her mind, and quickly winked at Emily, “Emily, in front of Miss Fei, you’d better not talk nonsense! I advise you to leave here now, tomorrow Go to the company to see the director of human resources, and he will give you a certain amount of dismissal compensation according to the process.”

Matthew Peterson didn’t dare to speak too bluntly, the reason why he winked at Emily and said that the company would follow the process To give compensation for dismissal, I actually want to tell Emily to let her take the blame honestly now, and I will definitely not treat her badly tomorrow.

However, at this time, Emily was full of anger at being hit by Matthew Peterson. When she heard Matthew Peterson talk about dismissal and compensation, she was even more angry, because according to the company’s regulations, she had only been employed for three or four years. employees, the resignation compensation is at most half a year’s salary.

Moreover, although Matthew Peterson has confirmed that she will be promoted to a senior partner, according to the company’s regulations, the senior partner still has a three-month inspection period. Get all the benefits of a senior partner.

This also means that now that he is fired, the company only needs to pay him half a year’s salary according to his previous salary standard, which is only two to three hundred thousand dollars!

Thinking that Matthew Peterson was going to spend two to three hundred thousand dollars to send herself away, Emily trembled with anger. She looked at Fei Kexin and blurted out, “Miss Fei, the root cause of all this happened today is It was Matthew Peterson, the bastard who had already taken a fancy to Claire! It was he who asked me to find a way to introduce Claire to him, and to find an opportunity to attract Claire to join the company, so that he could get close to the water first !”

Emily’s words immediately frightened Matthew Peterson, he couldn’t help but immediately raised his hand and slapped Emily severely, and cursed, “Emily, are you here? What is the intention of slandering me?! This is the first time I met Ms. Claire today, how could I have something wrong with her like you said? You are clearly slander!”

Emily covered her face, holding back the severe pain and anger Cursing, “I slander? Do you think I have no evidence?” As

she spoke, she immediately took out her mobile phone and dug out the chat records between herself and Matthew Peterson. In it, she found many photos of secretly taking pictures of Claire. Fei Kexin said, “Mr. wade, Miss Fei, look at the sending time of these photos. The earliest one was almost a month ago. At that time, I just met Claire in the master class, and Matthew Peterson It was also at that time that he fell in love with Claire!”

Matthew Peterson said nervously, “You sent me these photos, how can it be said that I was thinking about Ms. Claire!”

Emily He said coldly, “You don’t admit it, right? There are chat records here, so Mr. wade and Ms. Fei can see how you replied to me!”

After that, she looked at Fei Kexin again, and blurted angrily, “Fei Kexin Miss, you must not let go of this beast in clothes. He has had improper s*xual relations with at least seven female employees including me just inside the company. This is not the most terrifying thing! The most terrifying thing is that this bastard Attacked his thirteen-year-old adopted daughter! And he took a lot of indecent videos on his mobile phone!”

Matthew Peterson was terrified when he heard this, and he subconsciously asked, “You…you How would you know?!”

Emily sneered and said, “I’ve secretly written down your mobile phone password a long time ago. Every time you stay in my apartment, I will add some sleeping pills to your red wine, and then while you are asleep, I will secretly check all the passwords on your mobile phone. All kinds of content, including your chat records with others, email exchanges, and photos and videos you hide in your mobile phone!”

Matthew Peterson scolded angrily, “You…you are so despicable!”

Emily wiped the corners of her mouth After a slight smile, he sarcastically said, “What? Do you think that I have been played by you for a few years, and I won’t give myself a little back? Let me tell you, I not only have your dirty videos, but also your collusion with other people, Relevant evidence of misappropriation of corporate assets! You led the acquisition of an AI mapping company in the first half of the year, costing the company 500 million US dollars, but that company is basically an empty shell, and its AI mapping technology is also a completely immature product. It is impossible to commercialize it at all, and at least half of the 500 million U.S. dollars purchased for it has entered your pocket through various means! Don’t worry, I will show these evidences today! You will only be in prison for the rest of your life! Hearing this ,

Matthew Peterson trembled like chaff, and blurted out, “Emily, I can give you as much money as you want, but if you destroy me, you will have nothing.” It ‘s here!”

Emily sneered and said, “Okay, give me 100 million US dollars, as long as the money arrives in the account, in the future, you will take your Yangguan road and I will take my single-plank bridge. At worst, I will retire early, and I will no longer be in the design circle in this life!


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