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Matthew Peterson agreed almost without thinking, and said, “No problem! It’s only 100 million US dollars!” Fei

Kexin smiled subtly at this time, and said, “Mr. Peterson, this 100 million US dollars, I It’s pointless to advise you not to give it.”

When Emily heard this, she blurted out, “He has to give me the money no matter what he says! If he doesn’t give it, then I will hand over all the evidence to the police!”

Fei Kexin glanced at Emily, and said with a faint smile, “Stop daydreaming here, let alone 100 million dollars, even if it is 1 dollar, he can’t give it to you.”

Emily questioned subconsciously ” Why?! If he doesn’t give it to me, I’ll let him go to jail!”

Matthew Peterson looked at Fei Kexin in a panic, and explained palely, “Miss Fei, don’t get me wrong, I have never done the things Emily said, I promised to give her money, but I just don’t want her to be corrupt outside My reputation…”

Fei Kexin sneered at his pale excuse, and said lightly, “Mr. Peterson, don’t forget that the Fei family is the largest shareholder of your company. You use the position of chairman to enrich your own pockets. This is corruption. Moreover, it is also suspected of money laundering, which violates the interests of all shareholders of your company, including our Fei family! As the owner of the Fei family, I have the right to ask the fbi to come forward and conduct a thorough investigation of the acquisition, so, no matter Emily Whether there is evidence or not is meaningless to you, because the fbi will definitely find the person in charge of the acquired company and find out the truth!”

“In addition, there is also your behavior with minors, no matter what Emily has If there is no evidence, I am obliged to report to the fbi and let the fbi conduct an investigation. You should know the methods of the fbi. Even if you two delete all the data on your phone now, they will have a way to restore it. Once it is verified that this matter is true If it’s true, then you may really spend the rest of your life in prison!”

Matthew Peterson heard this, his eyes darkened and he almost fainted, and immediately he knelt down in front of Fei Kexin without thinking, choking on his sobs Said, “Miss Fei, I am the chairman of the company. If I am captured by the fbi, the company’s stock price will plummet, and the investment of the Fei family will also be damaged. Please, for this sake, please let me go ,You don’t want to see the two or three billion dollars invested by Fei’s family suffer, right…”

Fei Kexin said coldly, “The chairman’s scandal will indeed affect the stock price in a short period of time, but the foundation of your company’s business is not here. You are alone, so as long as the impact of the scandal wears off, the company’s stock price will definitely rise back. After a pause, Fei Kexin continued, “

The Fei family has plenty of funds, as well as time and patience. At that time, they can completely take advantage of the sharp drop in stock prices during this period. If you acquire more shares from the shareholders of your company, and when the Fei family gets a majority of the voting rights on the board of directors, you can appoint a new chairman to take over your company. In this way, when the stock price rises back, the Fei family will not only realize Taking control of your company can also take the opportunity to make a fortune. “

“So, if you are arrested by the fbi, not only will it not be a loss for the Fei family, but it will be a good opportunity to buy the bottom line!” “

Speaking of which, Fei Kexin thought of something, and continued, “Oh, yes, although you own 10% of the company’s shares, your direct loss of 500 million U.S. dollars due to your embezzlement of the company’s assets, and the indirect loss may reach one billion U.S. dollars. Even more, the company will definitely sue for compensation in this matter; “

“And the court will definitely confiscate all of your 200-300 million illegal gains and pay them to the company, but even so, you still owe the company hundreds of millions of dollars The hole, this hole, the court will definitely ask you to use your personal assets to make up for it. In this way, in addition to taking out the illegal gains, you have to pay an additional loss of at least hundreds of millions of dollars. You have to believe the Fei family The lawyer team, they will definitely try their best to get this amount to the highest. “

Matthew Peterson already felt dizzy, but he never expected that Fei Kexin would kill him.

And Fei Kexin continued, “In addition to making you compensate the company for losses, the court will also order you to pay a huge fine. If your own cash is not enough to pay the compensation and fine, the court will definitely force you to sell your shares.” to pay, and I estimate that it won’t be too long before things get to this point, and it should be just when the stock price has fallen to the lowest point. In this way, your 10% of the shares will also be taken by the Fei family at the lowest price , and the funds obtained from the share auction, after paying compensation and fines, I am afraid that there will not be much left.” After

speaking, Fei Kexin added, “Oh, by the way, there is also the matter between you and minors. If one thing is proved, you will bear legal responsibility no matter whether the other party is voluntary or not. If the other party’s lawyer seizes this opportunity to hit you hard, you will have to pay at least tens of millions of dollars in compensation. Come on, you may really have nothing left!”


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