The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5311

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Matthew Peterson never expected that Fei Kexin, who was young and smiling like a flower, wanted to kill him!

However, in the next second, he figured out the reason.

Job occupation has always been the most disgusting thing for shareholders of large enterprise groups.

Although the shareholders hold a large number of shares, they generally do not directly intervene in the operation of the enterprise. The operation of the enterprise is generally entrusted to the founders who have a small share of the shares.

This is basically the case for many well-known large companies in the world.

Originally, if the company had a net profit of 500 million US dollars, after setting aside a budget for next year, if the remaining money was to be used, it would be distributed to all shareholders in proportion.

However, although Matthew Peterson is the founder of the company, the company has continued to raise funds and sold many shares during its development and growth. It is precisely by relying on these investment funds that he can achieve the company’s market value of tens of billions of dollars as he wished.

However, Matthew Peterson himself only has 10% of the shares left. If all the 500 million US dollars are used for dividends, he can only get 50 million of them, and nearly half of the 50 million US dollars will be handed over to the United States. IRS.

It is precisely because of this that Matthew Peterson started the operation of the mouse warehouse. The 500 million US dollars is not divided, and it is directly used for investment. It is said to be an investment, but it is actually money laundering. Billion dollars into his own pocket, compared to honestly paying dividends to all shareholders, this way of getting more money and faster.

Generally, large-scale listed groups have a large number of acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions every year, and no one can guarantee that every acquisition and acquisition will make money. It is reasonable for some projects to fail.

Based on this, Matthew Peterson single-handedly planned the acquisition.

But he never expected that Emily, who was always obedient to him and even looked a little like a slave, actually had so much evidence of himself, and said it in front of Fei Kexin.

In this way, taking away the 500 million US dollars by himself is equivalent to directly taking away the money that should have been distributed to the Fei family. How could Fei Kexin spare himself if he could become the head of the Fei family?

Moreover, what’s more terrible is that Emily also exposed the dirty things between herself and her adopted daughter. Once this matter is exposed to the FBI, she must sit in prison!

Thinking of this, Matthew Peterson almost immediately made up his mind to reconcile with Fei Kexin no matter what.

So, he looked at Fei Kexin and begged bitterly, “Miss Fei, as long as you let me go, I am willing to transfer all my shares to the Fei family at 50% off the market price. Making hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, and helping the Fei family strengthen their control over the entire company, this has far exceeded my damage to the Fei family’s earnings, and it is definitely very sincere…”

Fei Kexin smiled slightly, “You think I Will you take your hundreds of millions of dollars seriously? For the Fei family, money is far less important than reputation. If the Fei family protects a beast like you for hundreds of millions of dollars, wouldn’t Fei Haoyang die in vain? Already ?”

Matthew Peterson’s heart skipped a beat.

Only then did he recall the Fei Haoyang incident that had been raging before.

In order to compensate the families of the victims injured by Fei Haoyang, the Fei family paid out more than one billion US dollars.

Fei Kexin finally managed to turn the tide and help the Fei family restore their reputation. Under such circumstances, how could he let himself go for the sake of his own shares?

Thinking of this, he had already recognized the situation in his heart, and thought to himself, “I want to run away, the sooner the better! It is best to leave the United States tonight!”

After making up his mind, Matthew Peterson stood up slowly, He said with a face of remorse, “Miss Fei, don’t worry, I will surrender myself to the police tonight. I will never evade the responsibility that is due to me!”

After finishing speaking, he took advantage of Fei Kexin’s inattention, turned around and ran out.

His driver is outside, and his private jet is at the airport. As long as he can get out of the auditorium gate, he can arrive at the airport within half an hour.

As long as he can get on the plane, he will definitely be able to leave the United States tonight. As long as he can leave the United States, he can keep most of his assets while maintaining his personal freedom.

If I can’t get on the plane, I’m afraid I will lose my assets and freedom!

Matthew Peterson suddenly got oil on his feet and wanted to escape, but Fei Kexin didn’t react for a while. Just when Matthew Peterson thought he would be able to escape, he suddenly felt his body stagnate for an instant, and his whole body froze. The person was instantly strangled by the neck and unable to move.

He looked back subconsciously, and found that it was charlie who reached out and grabbed his collar.

charlie said with a smile on his face at this time, “Mr. Peterson, where are you going in such a hurry?”


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