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Claire smiled and said, “I have time. After the graduation ceremony is over, we two will go to the hotel bar to chat alone, and let charlie go back to the room first.”

Fei Kexin nodded without thinking and smiled, “Okay! Then it’s settled! “

Seeing that the two of them seem to have cleared up their previous misunderstanding, charlie couldn’t help but feel a little relieved.

Claire is not good at socializing, except for Dong Ruolin, she has no real friends, and when Fei Kexin went to Aurous Hill under the pseudonym Zhan Feier, Claire really regarded her as a good friend.

But then her friend suddenly left without saying goodbye and vanished from the world. She was always worried about it, for fear that something might happen to Fei Kexin.

It wasn’t until later that Fei Kexin suddenly appeared on TV media all over the world as the Patriarch of the Fei family that Claire realized that the good friend he thought he had never even told himself his true identity.

From that day on, charlie could tell that Claire was a little bit lost.

However, the two are now reconciled.Symptoms, if you give the two of them some time and let Fei Kexin tell Claire about her crisis at that time, I believe Claire can completely eliminate all negative emotions.

Moreover, charlie is not worried that Fei Kexin will say the wrong thing, or leak his mouth, and then leak his key information.

After all, he has hardly ever seen a girl who is smarter than Fei Kexin. She must be able to explain this matter to Claire very truthfully and perfectly, and at the same time limit her role to the category of Fengshui master .

Now for charlie, as long as he can still limit himself to the scope of the Fengshui master in front of his wife, then he will not be afraid of anything, because he can get round no matter what.

Even the patriarch of a top-level big family like Fei Kexin respects him, and he can explain it.

After all, when Fei Kexin was nearly chased and killed by her uncle, it was he who helped her adjust Feng Shui, made a fortune teller and asked her the way, so that he helped her fight back and regain the position of Patriarch of the Fei family.

With this premise, even if Fei Kexin is respectful to himself, everything can have a reasonable explanation.

A few minutes later.

The fbi helicopter landed in the square outside the auditorium. Several fbi agents wearing sunglasses rushed into the scene and took Matthew Peterson, who was guarded by jay, out.

Matthew Peterson had completely given up resisting, and was put on the helicopter by two detectives limply.

Countless people saw him being taken away by the fbi, and while they were all shocked, they couldn’t help whispering, trying to figure out why this big man in the design circle was suddenly taken away by the fbi.

jay watched the helicopter take off with his own eyes before returning to the venue to report to Fei Kexin.

Fei Kexin smiled slightly after hearing this, and said to Claire, “Claire, when I take control of Aiyikang, if you are interested, I will invite you to be the president

of Aiyikang.” Claire was frightened. Waving his hand, “I don’t have this level, I’d better run my small company in Aurous Hill…”

Fei Kexin said seriously, “Don’t worry, I will reserve this position for you when the time comes. If you are interested, you can come here anytime.”

At the same time.

Eastcliff on the other side of the world.

A tall, slender girl of seventeen or eighteen years old, with a pure appearance, was walking briskly in a traditional Eastcliff alley.

It is early in the morning in Eastcliff at this moment, and it stands to reason that this should be the busiest and most lively time in the hutong.

But this deep alley is very deserted, there are no shops and vendors selling breakfast, not even a pedestrian.

The girl walked towards the deepest part of the alley. At the end of the alley, there was a very imposing five-room three-door . The

so-called five-room three-door means the width of five rooms and three gates. Specifications.

And the innermost mansion was originally the mansion of a prince in the Qing Dynasty.

The five three-door gates are about three to four meters high, and the doors are full of brass door nails, which are extraordinary in style.

And the huge stone lions on both sides of the door are also magnificently carved.

When the girl walked two-thirds of the way, suddenly, out of nowhere, two middle-aged men in casual clothes appeared.

These two middle-aged men were burly, with resolute expressions, and it was clear at a glance that they were definitely not ordinary people.

The two stopped the girl, and one of them said, “Little girl, this is a private mansion, don’t go any further.” The

girl was stopped by two strong men, she was not afraid at all, but said lightly, “Please tell your old man , just say that Lin Wan’er (Alani) is here and needs to see him.”


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