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“Encrypted?” The old man frowned and thought about it, and said, “There are indeed cases of encryption, and the relevant information of people with special identities will be encrypted, but for Ensure that these encrypted information cannot be found out, the system itself cannot directly retrieve the encrypted content.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) asked him, “What is the general encryption logic?” The

old man said, “As far as I know, there are two types of encryption logic, one Yes, his identity information was completely erased from the system, and the information was stored in another isolated system that would not have any connection to the Internet, that is to say, his real information only existed in the latter In the system, no one outside can find any clues;”

As he spoke, the old man said, “The other is more complicated, because this person himself has a set of real identity information, but this information has been encrypted in the system. To some extent, it has become a one-way identity.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) asked, “What does one-way mean?”

The old man explained, “One-way means that his ID card, his passport, driver’s license, even household registration booklet, marriage certificate and other ID documents are all real, and the ID number is also real, but if anyone in the system wants to confuse I can’t find his information. For example, if I want to check who is named charlie in the whole country, his information will not appear in the results returned by the system. I want to check all the names of charlie in the whole country. Even if we pull out the information of hundreds of millions of men across the country, there will not be him in it;”

“If you want to inquire about his information, there are two conditions First of all, you must know his name and his accurate ID number. Only when these two information are completely correct can you find out his information

; Search, because like you, if you really need to use this system to find someone in the vast crowd, you can’t know his ID number, if you know his ID number, it means you have mastered it His real information, so you don’t need to use this system to spread the net.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) sighed, “Speaking of which, this encryption method is still very clever, and people who don’t know him well can’t find him in the system.” Seeing him, it is impossible for people who know him to come to the system to checkHis information, even if someone who knew him came to check, input his name and ID number, the results would be real, and nothing could be found. “

“Yes. “The old man nodded and said, “Some people with very special identities will use this method to hide, so that a person can truly hide in the city. People with ulterior motives cannot verify. “

Speaking, the old man said again,” such a person, using his own identity, not only does not have to worry about being found out by others, but also his life will not be affected in any way. “

Because apart from what I just said, his information can only be found out by his name and ID number. All his IDs are actually one-way inquiry channels;”

“For example, if a policeman checks his ID card on the road, As long as the police use the device to read his ID card, all his information can be queried in the system, so that the police will not find any abnormalities; “

“If he wants to fly, as long as he buys the ticket with If he has the correct name and ID card, he can check in smoothly with the ID card;”

“If he wants to go abroad, then use his name and passport number to book a ticket, and then he will be able to exit the customs smoothly with his passport; “

“However, if anyone wants to check him through the information registered on the plane, it will be impossible to find out. If you want to search for someone named charlie who has flown in China, but you only know his Name, then his information will not be displayed. “

Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s two willow-like eyebrows were slightly clustered in the middle, her expression was dignified and worried.

After a moment of hesitation, she asked the old man, “Whether the person I’m looking for is the first type or the second type, with your status and connections , Can you find out these hidden information?


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  1. Thanks for these four chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 5318. Thanks 😊

  2. This affirm me that Alani is or has royal blood.
    The secret to the ring will be very intriguing
    That has the power to destroy the British Lord
    Let’s see

  3. “‘The old man hurriedly said, “Miss, you are polite. It is our Sun family’s honor to do things for you.””‘

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    As for using the population register, Charlie’s is encrypted already and any attempt to search for him the system will notify Cameron and the Wade Family. Claire’ s friend tried that a while back and she was found.

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  4. I just remembered something…
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    1. There will be a plot for Charlie to meet with Alani..
      She is smart like Fei Kixon

      They might find Charlie via failed assignment of 20 years ago @ his parents
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