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old man asked curiously, “Is there anything else you can’t figure out? Now that we have his identity information when he was a child, do you want to use his birth date to do the calculation again? “

Lin Wan’er shook her head, “I can’t even find any clues about him with the Near God Hexagram, let alone the horoscope of his birthday.” The

old man sighed, “Then

, as you said, go to Aurous Hill and try it!” After finishing speaking, the old man went to Ask her, “Miss, how about I go to Aurous Hill with you!”

Lin Wan’er didn’t comment, just looked at him and said, “I think your qi and blood are weak, and you don’t seem to be in good health?”

“Yes.” The old man smiled wryly, and said, “I am already eighty-eight this year, and I have diabetes and high blood pressure. , coronary heart disease, had a myocardial infarction, had stents and bypasses, had lung cancer a few years ago, had my left lung removed, and underwent chemotherapy. My body is obviously not doing well. The doctor said a few days ago that my kidneys had begun to fail. Yes, I should start to do hemodialysis after a while, but in my situation, I can’t bear any troubles, and I’m satisfied if I can live for another two years.”

Lin Wan’er frowned and asked him, “Can’t I have a kidney transplant? “The

old man smiled and said, “Look at my body, can I still withstand such a major operation? I guess I will be dead before the new lungs are put in on the operating table.”

“Yes.” Lin Wan’er nodded, lightly Said, “Let me take your pulse.” The

old man was shocked when he heard this, and quickly asked flatteredly, “Miss, this… I’m afraid I can’t do it… How dare I ask you to take my pulse…”

Lin Wan’er waved her hand, “It doesn’t matter.” No. “

She pointed to the armrest of the chair and said, “Put your hands here.”

“Thank you, Miss!” The old man quickly put his left hand on the armrest of the chair, and Lin Wan’er lightly rested his fingers on his veins. On top of that, I closed my eyes and felt for a while, then took my hand back, sighed, and said very directly, “I’m sorry, although I know some Chinese medicine, it may not be profound enough. In your case, I am already unable to do it.” What has changed?” The

old man was startled when he heard this, and then smiled and said, “Miss, you don’t have to blame yourself, I am already very satisfied that I can live to this day.”

Lin Wan’er was silent for a moment, and said, “Let me tell you a fortune, I The level of fortune-telling is still much better than that of Chinese medicine.”

After all, without waiting for the old man to respond, and took out nine copper coins from his pocket.

Then, she placed nine copper coins on the coffee table in front of her. As before, she divided the copper coins into three rows, and in a diagonal manner, she first grabbed three and threw them on the table.

Immediately, she looked at the hexagram of the copper coin, frowned and said, “The hexagram shows that your life expectancy is approaching. At most, there is still half a year left.”

“Half a year?” on the spot.

However, he quickly came back to his senses, and gave a wry smile, “Although it’s a little shorter than I expected, it’s okay, half a year is enough for me to explain and arrange my funeral…”

Lin Wan’er continued to pick up the three coins on the lower left without saying a word. The copper coin was thrown on the coffee table again.

This time, she raised her eyebrows lightly, and said, “However, the current hexagram has a chance of life. If you can seize this chance, you can live a long life.”

“Long life?!” The old man stared for a moment With big eyes, she blurted out, “This…is it possible? To live to be a hundred years old, there are at least twelve years left…”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “The hexagrams don’t lie. There are only two possibilities for your longevity, either , within half a year; or, after the age of 100.” The

old man said with some surprise, “Miss…then…then how can I seize this chance?”

Lin Wan’er grabbed the last three copper coins again and threw them on the coffee table table, and then looked at the nine copper coins on the table, frowning in silence.

Seeing her solemn expression, the old man didn’t dare to ask questions, and could only wait anxiously.

After a while, Lin Wan’er said suspiciously, “It’s strange, the hexagram says that your vitality is related to me, but I really have no way to save your life… If my father is still there, he must have a way, but it’s a pity Until he left, he never taught me that kind of ability… Maybe it’s because I’m not that kind of material…” The

old man didn’t know whether to be happy or worried at this time, after all, even Lin Wan’er couldn’t figure out the reason, let alone himself Enlightened.

At this time, Lin Wan’er grabbed the southernmost copper coin, held it up to the old man, and said seriously, “This Yongle Tongbao carries three coins. In my hexagram, it represents the gate of life. It is at the southernmost end of the nine copper coins.” , means that your birth gate is south of Eastcliff.”

“South of Eastcliff…” the old man muttered, confused.

Lin Wan’er (Alani) eyes suddenly lit up, and she said with a smile, “Although I don’t have the abilities of my father, I know there is someone who definitely has it!”

After finishing speaking, she looked at the old man, and said seriously, “The south of Eastcliff must be Aurous Hill!”

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