The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5324

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Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s acting style is fast-paced, without any sloppiness.

After hanging up Qiu Yingshan’s phone, she immediately said to Sun Zhidong, “Old Sun, you have to work hard to arrange a plane for me. I will go to Malaysia now.”

Sun Zhidong hurriedly said, “Miss, let me go with you!”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) He waved his hand and said seriously, “Don’t go to Malaysia with me. You have a special status. If you leave a record of the two of us leaving the country together, things will be easily exposed in the future. I will go there with the identity of this entry, and then Immediately change to a new identity and come back, and go directly to Aurous Hill when you come back, and you will meet me in Aurous Hill then, and we will meet in Aurous Hill.”

Sun Zhidong nodded and said, “Alright, then I will wait for your news in Eastcliff, you After arriving in Aurous Hill, I will meet you in the past!”

“Okay.” Lin Wan’er (Alani) asked him, “When will the plane be able to fly at

the earliest?” Sun Zhidong hurriedly said, “There is a Gulfstream G700 business jet on standby at Eastcliff Airport, ready to fly at any time. You can arrive in Malaysia within five hours.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) nodded, “Then help me prepare as soon as possible, and work hard to arrange a car to take me to

the airport.” Sun Zhidong said respectfully, “Okay miss, I will arrange it now!”

Soon, Sun Zhidong arranged a convoy to escort Lin Wan’er (Alani) all the way to Eastcliff Airport by himself.

Forty minutes later, Lin Wan’er (Alani), who successfully passed the customs, took off in the Sun’s private jet at Eastcliff Airport.

After the plane took off, it bypassed the city of Eastcliff in the northwest direction, and then flew all the way to the southwest.

The flight speed of the Gulfstream G700 is close to the speed of sound, which is much faster than ordinary civil aviation airliners, and George Town in Malaysia is a little closer than Singapore, so it can be reached in more than four hours.

At the same time, Qiu Yingshan, who was far away in Singapore, dragged his 90-year-old body, and started with his wife, excitedly took a helicopter to Georgetown, and sat and prepared for Lin Waner’s arrival.

Georgetown is the city with the largest number of Chinese in Malaysia, and it is also the place where Qiu Yingshan made his fortune in the early years. He has several manors in Georgetown, and the largest one even has a two-kilometer private beach.

It just so happened that one of Qiu Yingshan’s distant cousins ​​in Georgetown was named Lin, so he asked people to seize the time to concoct a personal file, fabricating an eighteen-year-old girl named Lin Xiaowan out of thin air, and even forged this girl A series of profile information.

And when Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s plane flew out of China’s airspace, charlie and Claire, who were in the United States, also finished the graduation ceremony of the master class.

So far, Claire has finally fulfilled his dream for many years and obtained the master class completion certificate from Rhode Island School of Design.

Afterwards, charlie returned to the hotel together with Claire and Fei Kexin. The two women decided to go to the hotel’s executive lounge to have a drink and chat for a while, so charlie returned to the hotel room alone to arrange tomorrow’s itinerary.

He has asked Fei Kexin to arrange Fei’s family’s private jet to fly to Canada tonight, and tomorrow morning, Don Albert and Isaac Cameron will take the Concorde airliner from New York to Canada to take Aunt , Lisa and Claudia They were all picked up at the airport and arranged for them to board the plane arranged by Fei Kexin. Afterwards, Don Albert and Isaac Cameron took the Concorde airliner and returned to Aurous Hill directly.

At that time, the Fei family’s plane will bring Mrs. Lewis and the three of them to New York, and charlie will also take Claire and mother-in-law Elaine to board the same plane in New York and return to Aurous Hill together.


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