The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5330

The news about Fei’s family was very popular at the beginning, and Elaine knew something about it.

When she saw Fei Kexin on TV for the first time, as the head of the Fei family, and was ordered to solve the huge crisis of the family, she felt such emotion in her heart, “It is also a woman, and some people in their 20s are young. Being able to manage a super financial empire worth trillions of dollars, but my mother has lived for 50 years, and she doesn’t even have 500,000 in her bank account, she is really blind.”

Just because she still had a fresh memory of Fei Kexin, Elaine saw When it was time for Fei Kexin to become a real person, he was so excited that he couldn’t add anything.

However, what Elaine didn’t know was that the Fei Kexin in front of him was actually Zhan Feier who gave Jacob the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in Aurous Hill back then.

At this time, Fei Kexin also said politely to Elaine, “Hello, Auntie.”

Elaine said excitedly, “Miss Fei…you…do you know my daughter and son-in-law?”

Fei Kexin laughed and said, “Of course I know you, Master Wade has helped me a lot in Fengshui and is kind to me.”

“Really?!” Elaine said with disbelief, “Even Miss Fei, you are my son-in-law’s client.”

Fei Kexin nodded, and said with a smile, “It’s my honor to be Master Wade’s client.”

Elaine was overjoyed and said, “Oh my god, it has to be my son-in-law, my son-in-law’s ability, his level, This contact, I really can’t find a second one even with a lantern!” As

she spoke, she quickly took out her mobile phone, handed it to Claire who was at the side, and said impatiently, “Claire, give it to me and Miss Fei.” Let’s take a few photos together!”

As soon as Elaine said this, Claire knew that her mother definitely wanted to take a photo and send it to Moments as a pretense.

However, Fei Kexin has a special status after all, and Claire instinctively felt that it would be inappropriate for her mother to post a photo of her and Fei Kexin in Moments.

So she persuaded, “Oh my mother, and the identity is very sensitive, so don’t take a group photo. Besides, you are still in a wheelchair. It doesn’t look good. It seems like Miss Fei is caring for the disabled.”

Elaine Hearing this, he quickly said, “It doesn’t matter, you help me up quickly, I can barely stand on one leg for a while!”

Fei Kexin said with a smile, “Auntie, don’t make trouble, or I will be one with you in a half-squat Let’s take a picture!”

“Okay, okay!” Elaine was very excited, and quickly handed the phone to Claire, and said impatiently, “Claire, hurry up and take a picture, and you squat down to take a picture too!”

Claire didn’t pick up the phone handed over by her mother phone, and said in a serious tone, “Mom, Ms. Fei is also a public figure now, just listen to me once, don’t take pictures.”

Seeing her daughter’s tough and persistent attitude, Elaine knew that her daughter must have seen through her little thoughts, In desperation, she could only say bitterly, “It’s okay, it’s okay, if you don’t shoot, you don’t want to shoot, it doesn’t matter.”

charlie saw that Elaine gave up, but his expression was still a little sad, so he smiled and said, “Mom, actually It’s not interesting to take a group photo at the airport. If you take a photo here, even your friends will think that you ran into Miss Fei at the airport by chance and dragged her to take a photo. It’s not what you want The desired effect.”

charlie’s words were a little cryptic, but Elaine understood the essence of it all at once, so she thought to herself, “What a good son-in-law said is right, take pictures with people at the airport, especially celebrities , 100 people saw it, and wished that 101 people said that this must be a photo taken by a coincidence, begging someone to take it, and it was really sent out, and I can’t pretend to be forced. I guess it can stimulate money. A person like Hongyan.”

Actually, Fei Kexin thought it was indifferent at first, but seeing Claire seemed to be trying to stop him, he also smiled and said, “Auntie, I’m afraid it won’t look good in public this time, how about Let’s shoot again when we have a private meeting in the future.”

When Elaine heard this, she felt a little disappointed at first, but immediately improved a lot. She thought to herself, “I’m a good son-in-law, with such great abilities, even Miss Fei is his client, so we must meet each other in the future.” If you can really take a photo with Ms. Fei at the party, that would be awesome.”

So, she agreed without thinking, and said with a smile, “If Ms. Fei has time, she must come to Aurous Hill. You want to come to our house as a guest!”

Fei Kexin nodded, and said with a smile, “No problem, Aunt , I will definitely pay a visit!”

At this time, charlie received the voice message from Lisa, and listened to it , Lisa said in the message, “Brother charlie, we have landed at New York Airport, have you arrived yet?”


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