The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5332

Speaking of Now, Elaine sighed without changing her face, “It’s a pity that the dead old lady of Willson’s family was just a penny-pinching cock. It’s too much to scold charlie bloody in public at the birthday banquet!” Aunt

 quickly thanked, “You really have a heart, thank you!”

A good son-in-law has been talking about you, so we naturally want to do our part.” As

she spoke, she asked with concern, “By the way, are your illnesses cured?”

“Okay.” Mrs. Lewis nodded and said, ” Back then, I went to Eastcliff for an operation, and I have recovered.”

“That’s good!” Elaine said with a look of relief, “In the future, you must take care of your health. My son-in-law knows a very famous doctor, who seems to be called Simmons. Oh, yes, Dr. Simmons! Let her take you to take a good look later!”

Mrs. Lewis smiled slightly, nodded and thanked, “Thank you, you have a heart!”

charlie couldn’t help but feel a lot of emotion when he heard what Elaine said. .

First of all, it is natural to feel that my mother-in-law’s kung fu in lying is really the best in the world. No matter what kind of false words, she can open her mouth, which is really unmatched.

Secondly, it is a great turning point in my life.

Ever since Mrs. willson’s birthday party, when I became a trash trampled by everyone, my own peopleLife has truly bottomed out and rebounded, and it has soared into the sky.

At this time, the captain walked into the cabin from the cockpit and said very politely, “Dear guests, I am the captain of this flight. I am very happy to serve you. We have about eleven hours of flight. If you are all ready Alright, we can take off.”

Elaine subconsciously took out her phone, wanting the captain to go back and try again, but when she thought that there were many people around her, she had no choice but to give up, but she still wanted to show off , so he said to Claire, “Claire, call your dad and tell him to pack up quickly and watch that Rolls Royce pick us up at the airport.”

Claire said helplessly, “Mom, you didn’t listen to him What the captain said just now, we have to fly for more than ten hours…”

“Oh…” Elaine suddenly realized, and then waved her hand and said, “It doesn’t matter, just tell him and ask him to pick us up at the airport an hour early That’s enough.”

Claire has always disliked high-profile, so he said, “Oh, mom, don’t let Dad drive to pick us up again, the car he drives is really too conspicuous, if I say it better, let charlie Book a larger business car on the mobile phone in advance, not only the three of us can sit, but Mrs. Lewis and the three of them can also sit together.”

Elaine curled her lips, “I’ll tell him!”

… The

plane quickly took off, carrying The six of them left New York and flew all the way to Huaxia.

Eleven hours later, the plane finally landed at Aurous Hill Airport.

Back to Aurous Hill after a long absence, whether it is charlie and Claire, or Mrs. Lewis and Lisa, they all feel very cordial.

Claudia looked very calm, and chatted with Lisa a lot along the way, but charlie could also tell that she seemed a little nervous and uneasy.

charlie understands how this little girl feels. After all, he is only a teenager, and he has already experienced too much suffering in his life. Now he has to leave his hometown and start a new life in a city more than 10,000 kilometers away. He is nervous and apprehensive. Even confusion and anxiety are understandable.

However, charlie didn’t say anything to persuade her, because charlie knew Croatia’s personality. Although this girl was young, her mind was already very mature. I believe she would be able to adjust quickly.

It was already nine o’clock in the evening in Aurous Hill.

charlie had already arranged for Isaac Cameron in advance to take Mrs. Lewis and the others to the villa they had already bought.

Because of Claire and Elaine, it was inconvenient for Isaac Cameron to show up, so he arranged for a luxuriously modified Toyota Coaster to pick up the plane.

The reason for arranging such a large bus is mainly because Mrs. Lewis and the others have come back from abroad to settle down, so there must be a lot of luggage brought along with the plane. Such a bus can easily accommodate six people and all their belongings. Luggage is also more than adequate.

At the gate of the airport, Mrs. Lewis and the others met a driver who had been waiting for a long time. The driver and an assistant graciously helped them carry several suitcases into the car. Mrs. Lewis looked at Elaine

and asked, “Ms. Elaine, this car is quite big, why don’t we go together?”

He waved his hand and said with a smile, “Sister , we won’t go with you, I’ll wait for my husband to pick me up.”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help cursing, “This damn Jacob, let him come earlier, earlier Come on, why hasn’t it appeared yet! If you dare to release my mother’s pigeons, see if my mother will tear him up!”


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