The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5334

Elaine said disdainfully, “Dead.”

The master subconsciously asked, “What? Dead?”

Elaine said loudly on purpose, “Didn’t you ask if my old man smokes? I’ll tell you that he smokes, he’s dead.” The

master’s expression turned ugly, but he still retorted palely, “Look at you Lesbians don’t listen to what they say. There are many possibilities for a person to die. How do you know that he died of smoking?”

“Lung cancer!” The kidneys still have brains, and it is said that they even grow in the bones. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said that he could not be saved, and he could live for another three months at most, but he died within a week. I donated his body to the medical team. Let those medical students use him to disembowel and practice their hands, which can be regarded as making a contribution to society.”

Elaine said with emotion, “Oh, you don’t know, the professor of the medical school said, my old man Two lungs, smoked blacker than coal, as soon as you open the stomach, you can smell the fishy and foul smell of smoke, the old professor almost suffocated to death on the spot, cut off the two lungs, and lifted them out , just like that freshly smoked pork, dripping oil, it’s all the tar in the smoke! Tell yourself, did he die from smoking?”

The master heard With these words, the expression on his face was like eating a poisonous fly, it was really disgusting and frightening.

Elaine saw that his expression was very ugly and he didn’t talk to him, so she couldn’t help but muttered, “Hey, you said that the cancer cells are really strong, the lungs have been smoked into coke, and the cancer cells can grow and grow stronger, and their vitality is indeed tenacious. It feels like a lot of fungus can grow on the rotten wood, which is a bit interesting.” The

master said to himself, “What does this mean to your mother! What kind of f*cking metaphor are you talking about, you damn old woman? It’s so f*cking annoying!”

charlie sat in the back, feeling extremely helpless, thinking to himself, “My mother-in-law is really going to take revenge, but my father-in-law just didn’t drive over to pick her up, but in the end he really spoke up, and she cursed my father-in-law in front of the taxi driver.” Smoking to death, and being taken to open up by the students of the medical school, there is really no one with this mouth.”

Claire was also very angry, and she sat behind Elaine, listening to Elaine cursing herself like that Dad, he couldn’t accept it in his heart.

But she was not good enough to expose Elaine’s lies in front of the taxi driver, because that might make the taxi driver doubt his life, so she could only cough a few times hard from behind as a reminder.

When Elaine heard Claire coughing, she naturally knew, daughter, what does this mean? But she was angry with Jacob in her heart, and she didn’t care about the presence of her daughter and son-in-law, so she continued to say to the driver, “Master, what you said just now is right, smoking is actually quite normal, and it’s only natural to get lung cancer, you Ah, just smoke boldly, anyway, life is alive, isn’t it just to live a happy life?”

The master looked awkward, and said falteringly, “Ahem, this…this smoking…is really harmful to health, this can reduce smoking Ah, try to smoke as little as possible…”

Elaine asked the driver with a smile, “Master, how much do you smoke this day?” The

master awkwardly held the steering wheel with one hand, and scratched his scalp with the other hand, feeling confident Said, “My… a little bit more… one day… that’s probably just… a little more…”

Elaine nodded, and said casually, “Almost, before my old man left, One and a half packs a day, and people in their early thirties disappeared.”

After finishing speaking, she looked at the driver and asked curiously, “Master, I think you are also in your forties or fifties?” The

master laughed and said, “I …I’m fifty-two…”

“Excellent.” Elaine gave a thumbs up and said seriously, “You’re good enough, you’re good enough, if you persist for more than ten years , you’ll live twice as long as my husband. “

The master’s expression at this time was much uglier than crying.

At this time, Elaine couldn’t help but sighed, “Actually, what’s the point of living so long? My gentlemen left early and didn’t have to worry about anything. Unlike me, who is both a father and a mother, sometimes I just want to Ah, in fact, it would be better if the person who left was me, then I will die early and be reborn early, and I will be free sooner.” The

master glanced at the storage table under the car’s central control, and saw a pack of Aurous Hill cigarettes inside, with mixed feelings in his heart .

Claire couldn’t bear it any longer, so he patted the back of Elaine’s seat and said angrily, “Mom! Why are you not finished yet?”

Elaine turned around and said with a sense of justice, “Claire, I It is to suppress the longing and grief for your father, and use your father’s personal case to kindly remind this master to pay attention to his body. If he listens to these words, he will be able to quit smoking, even if it is just to smoke less and live more in the future A few years ago, do you think I saved his life?”

Saying that, Elaine waved his hand, “Forget it, we didn’t save his life, half of his life, a quarter of his life, Isn’t it an exaggeration? People say that saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda, isn’t your mother and I accumulating some virtue for myself?”

Claire asked her angrily, “What about my dad? You say that about my dad, Are you not afraid of harming your virtue?”

Elaine said seriously, “He is dead, what can I say?”

Claire said angrily, “Mom! It would be too much to say that!”

Seeing that Claire was really angry, Elaine quickly said, “Okay, okay, I won’t talk anymore, can’t I stop talking?”

After speaking, she said to the driver, “Master, you, I should slap you in the future. Don’t take what I just said seriously, you just think I’m teasing you.” The corner of the

master’s mouth twitched a few times, and he said awkwardly, “Uh…that…okay…”

Then this Along the way, Elaine seemed to have almost vented, and didn’t say a word.

charlie and Claire also stopped talking because of this awkward atmosphere, and they were speechless all the way.

More than half an hour later, the taxi stopped in front of Tomson’s Yipin villa area.

charlie paid, and the three got out of the car.

Seeing that the three of them had gone far away, the driver grabbed the half pack of Aurous Hill cigarettes and threw them out of the window, cursing, “f*ck you, I won’t smoke anymore!”

Before charlie entered the door, he caught a glimpse of A box of things was thrown out of the driver’s window, and he was slightly taken aback. He seemed to hear a voice somewhere, “Elaine, merit +100, and the current balance of merit is negative one hundred and eight thousand…”


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