The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5335

The three of them walked into the community with their luggage, when they heard a short car horn from behind.

The three looked back subconsciously, and saw a large Mercedes-Benz SUV driving slowly, with the window lowered, a woman poked her head out, and said in surprise, “Oh, Elaine! When did you come back from the United States?!”

When Elaine heard this, she was surprised and said, “souna?! Is it really you?!”

souna drove the car forward again, and stopped directly beside Elaine, lying on her face proudly. On the window, he said with a smile, “Elaine, you are really interesting. After going to the United States for a month, you still don’t recognize me as a sister-in-law?”

Elaine’s two eyebrows frowned suddenly.

There were several voices in her heart at this moment.

The first voice was “Damn it, how can souna, a bitch, drive a Mercedes-Benz? Isn’t she so poor that she can’t open the pot? There are two disabled people lying in the house, and an old woman in her eighties.” , eats the last meal every day and doesn’t eat the next meal, and is so poor, where did she get a Mercedes-Benz?”

The second voice was “Damn, this souna’s face is really fast enough, when I didn’t go to the United States , she clings to me like a follower all day long. Sister  is long and Sister  is short. Now that she is driving a Mercedes-Benz, Sister Elaine stopped barking and started calling me Elaine again. Who the hell is my sister-in-law? He f*cking recognizes her as a sister-in-law…” The

third voice was “Damn, this souna must have hit some kind of shit luck and accidentally turned her over, right? Can she drive a Mercedes-Benz off-road, This must have a certain economic strength…”

Seeing that Elaine was silent, souna smiled deliberately and said, “Oh Elaine, you went to the United States, and the changes are really big. We two sisters-in-law have been together for so many years. It doesn’t matter, I’m talking to you and you don’t pay attention to me.”

Elaine saw souna’s ambiguous speech, snorted coldly, and curled her lips and said, “Oh, if you want to say that this change is big, I think your change is really big! I remember that before I left, you still called Sister Elaine one by one every day, and said that you wanted me to buy you a gold chain from Chow Tai Fook, why are you calling yourself sister-in-law again in front of me now?”

souna snorted and said, “Elaine, as the saying goes, don’t look at him with admiration in three days, and in three days you have to look at him with admiration, let alone you have been away for more than a month.”

“Cut.” Elaine said disdainfully, “I I have known you for more than 20 or 30 years, and I haven’t found anything impressive about you, let alone only been away for a month this time.”

souna smiled, and said with a wave of her hand, “Oh, forget it Forget it, you Elaine is also an old onmyoji when you talk, and you are narrow-minded. I don’t see others living better than you. I understand these two points better than anyone else. I don’t want to use my hot face to stick your cold ass Let’s go first, goodbye.”

After she finished speaking, she stepped on the accelerator, and the Mercedes-Benz made a roar of the engine, leaving the three of them far behind. Elaine trembled with anger, gritted

her teeth and scolded, “Damn it, this souna dares to be so crazy with me, she must have found a chance to turn over!”

Good thing, their family was really difficult before, grandma didn’t say anything, uncle and Harold heard that they were lying on the bed all the time, almost unable to take care of themselves, all depended on her, now that they have money, life will definitely get better “

Elaine said angrily, “I tell you, Claire, everyone in this world can live a good life, but only her souna’s family can’t!”

Claire asked in surprise, “Why, Mom, after all They are all one family, blood is thicker than water, even if the two families do not move around much now, they are still relatives.”

“No!” Elaine said through gritted teeth, “I tell you, sometimes, the most want to kill Yours, but the group of people whose blood is thicker than water! You don’t know how ruthless this damn souna is!”

When talking about this, Elaine couldn’t help but think of the time when souna was out of the game. Cheat, almost cheated himself out of his fortune.

If it wasn’t for charlie that time, I would have been completely lost.


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