The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5337

The inexplicable rise of souna made Elaine suddenly feel extremely disappointed.

Don’t look at her living in a luxury house and driving a luxury car, but she knows very well that these things have nothing to do with her directly.

In other words, Elaine has nothing to do with money in her life, except for spending money and being cheated. If it is said that she earns money by her own strength, she has not lived for fifty years.

Therefore, the thing she is most anxious to find out right now is where did souna get the money to buy that Mercedes-Benz g500.

If Wendy earned the money, then Elaine would feel better, because she was spending money from her daughter and son-in-law. Itโ€™s just a Mercedes-Benz G500 with tens of millions. I drove it when I was in Aurous Hill some time ago, but it was a Rolls-Royce Cullinan with tens of millions, so I still beat her.

But I was afraid that the money was earned by souna herself. If this was the case, she, Elaine, would definitely not accept it.

So, while she was walking, she muttered, “I really don’t understand. She souna needs education but no education, looks and looks, and body and figure. That’s fine. She was pregnant in a black coal mine some time ago. , and made a big joke, what can such a dick rely on to turn around?”

Claire saw that her mother was already a little demonic, and quickly said, “Oh, mom, don’t worry about this matter anymore, you can live a good life alone. Is that enough? I always worry about what other people are doing…” Elaine

said very seriously, “If someone drives a Mercedes-Benz big G, I will definitely not take it to heart, but why is she souna?!”

Yadao: “No, I must find out the truth about this matter!”

Claire saw that it was useless to persuade her, so he didn’t waste any more words.

When the three of them came to the front of their villa, Elaine looked into the yard through the electric fence door, immediately blew up, and cursed angrily, “Damn! This damn Jacob, the car is parked at home, he He didn’t want to pick us up at all! See how I deal with him when I enter the house!”

After all, Elaine took the lead, controlled the electric wheelchair and rushed into the yard, heading straight for the gate.

Claire was afraid that her mother would fight with her father as soon as she got home, so she quickly chased after her.

The door was pushed open, and the three of them couldn’t keep their eyes open because of the strong smell of smoke, alcohol, and moldy food in the room before they entered.

Looking at the originally luxuriously decorated large living room, it is now like a garbage dump.

There are discarded cigarette butts, cigarette cases, and all kinds of wine bottles everywhere.

What’s even more disgusting is that many takeaways that have been eaten are even thrown aside with their mouths open. It is the height of summer, and the leftovers in the lunch box are almost moldy and smelly, which is disgusting.

Both Claire and Elaine were shocked by the mess in front of them, and their brains short-circuited, and they didn’t know what to do for a while.

However, Claire caught a glimpse of a embarrassed figure curled up on the sofa in the living room, isn’t it his old father-in-law Jacob?

At this time, Jacob was already very drunk. He was wearing boxer underpants and his upper body was naked. vodka.

So, he walked over quickly, wanting to check Jacob’s condition, but when he got closer to take a look, he was taken aback by the person in front of him.


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