The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5341

Hearing Jacob’s words, charlie couldn’t help asking in surprise, “Why is Professor Hank and Auntie Matilda together? When did it happen?”

Jacob said indignantly, “It was when we went to Korea for cultural exchanges this time. For some reason, the two of you saw each other right!”

charlie asked him, “Are you sure you are together? Has it been announced?”

“Yes…” Jacob said in pain, “Auntie Matilda is looking for me.” After talking about this matter, she said that Professor Hank has always had that kind of meaning for her, and it has not been a day or two, and when we ran into him that time, he was already interested in your Aunt Matilda.”

Said Then, Jacob said again, “That old boy surnamed He has been stalking your Aunt Matilda, and your Aunt Matilda didn’t know what was wrong, so she agreed to him.”

charlie laughed and said, ” Dad, let me tell you something you don’t like to hear, but I actually think they are a good match.”

“A good match?!” Jacob exploded when he heard this, and asked angrily, “What’s so good about them? What do you want to say?” Good match, you and Auntie Matilda are a match made in heaven. I think back when we two fell in love at school, it was really a talent and beauty recognized by all the teachers and students in the school. If it weren’t for Elaine, we two would have been married long ago. I don’t even know how many children I have had.”

As he spoke, Jacob said angrily, “I really didn’t expect that your Auntie Matilda would be able to move on so quickly. In her eyes, is it true that the relationship you have had for so many years? Can’t you compare to that surnamed hank?”

charlie heard what he said, and said with a serious face, “Dad, what you said is very irresponsible.”

Jacob raised his eyebrows, stared and asked, “Why don’t I Are you responsible? Did I say something wrong?”

charlie asked him back, “You always said that you and Auntie Matilda are talented and beautiful, and they are a match made in heaven, but didn’t you marry your mother in the end?”

Jacob said angrily, “My It was all framed by Elaine, if it wasn’t for him, how could your Auntie Matilda leave me?”

charlie shook his head, and said lightly, “We won’t talk about the old things. Let’s talk about what happened after Auntie Matilda came back. I can see that Auntie Matilda did have old feelings for you when she first returned to China.” The point is, she gave you a chance, but you don’t have the courage to take it, you don’t want to take it yourself, and she can’t wait for you all the time. In this case, if you meet a more suitable person, everyone will definitely I will choose the latter, after all, if I choose the former, I don’t know how long I will have to wait, and I may even wait for no result in my whole life.”

When Jacob heard this, he hesitated with a guilty conscience, “Aren’t I also looking for a Is it the right time to ask your mother for a divorce? But you know her character, I must keep secret and wait for the opportunity, and I can’t directly mention it to her!”

charlie snorted and said, “Dad, you say that , do you believe it yourself?”

Jacob argued strongly, “I… I really think so!”

charlie said very directly, “Dad, I know your character, and I also know what you are thinking, you dare not tell me When Mom mentions divorce, you just want to wait for a good opportunity that falls from the sky. It is best if Mom suddenly disappears from the world, or she doesn’t want to live with you and asks you for divorce, so that you can make it happen without any trouble. A pawn, get rid of this marriage, right?”

Jacob didn’t expect charlie to speak directly to his inner thoughts, so he said embarrassingly, “I also want to try my best to solve the problem peacefully…”

charlie shook his head and said, “I know, when Aunt Matilda returned to China, my mother happened to be missing for a while, and I can see that you enjoyed the feeling very much during that time, but you didn’t realize it, that feeling is only temporary, you can’t Treat the temporary as eternity.”

Then, charlie said sincerely, “Dad, I have some understanding of Professor Hank’s situation. To be honest, it seems to me that it is the best choice for Aunt Matilda to be with him. Both of them are single and widowed. Not only does there not have the psychological burden of destroying each other’s family, but also there is no need to worry that the other party will rekindle their old relationship with their predecessor, or that their predecessor will come back to trouble them. “

Having said that, charlie looked at Jacob, and said meaningfully, “With my mother’s personality, even if you two divorce, if she knows that you and Auntie Matilda are rekindled, she will definitely not let you go. The two of you will definitely be disturbed, unless the two of you leave Aurous Hill and never come back, and don’t let him know where you went.”

Jacob looked up to the sky and sighed, “charlie…you’re right, charlie…I’m afraid Elaine is haunted! For more than 20 years, I have dreamed of getting rid of her every day, but this woman is like a devil, it is impossible to let me go.”

charlie said lightly, “This kind of thing needs you Fight for it by yourself, you will be afraid first, so what’s the point of talking about other things?” After speaking

, charlie said again, “I didn’t finish what I just said, Aunt Matilda and Professor Hank both came back from the United States Yes, and they all graduated from top prestigious universities. They are senior intellectuals in the true sense. Whether they are in the United States or in China, they all have high social status and belong to the absolute elite class. This alone makes them a good match. In contrast, apart from being Aunt Matilda’s first love, Dad, you have no advantage over Professor Hank.”


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