The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5343

“Arguing with the police?!”

charlie asked in surprise, “Why did Mom quarrel with the police?”

Claire said in a panic, “I don’t know. Mom said she needed to go to the bathroom, so I helped her in. Then I came out, and then I heard her calling someone on the inside, and her tone became more and more agitated, and finally quarreled with him, saying that he is not worthy of being a policeman…”

charlie said hurriedly “I’ll go take a look.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Jacob and said seriously, “Dad, you should digest what I just said. If you feel uncomfortable, I will tell you again later.”

Jacob was depressed He muttered incomparably, “Forget it…don’t sprinkle salt on my wound arrogantly…no…what you sprinkled is not salt, it’s sulfuric acid!

” Think about it, I’ll go up and have a look first.”

After that, charlie and Claire took the elevator to the third floor.

Before entering Malan’s bedroom, he heard Malan yelling loudly in the bathroom, “Aren’t you the police? Why can’t you take care of it? I’ve given you the evidence so clearly, why don’t you arrest people?!”

charlie I heard the other party say on the phone, “Madam, this situation is really not enough to be a fraud. We can’t file a case to arrest people. Everyone makes up a random story on the Internet, and our police will arrest them. This is morality.” The problem is not a legal problem.”

Elaine said angrily, “She cheated people’s money! If she didn’t cheat people’s money, how could she afford to buy a Mercedes-Benz big G?! My son-in-law told me, The car she drives costs at least two million yuan, which is considered a huge fraud in the law, right?! You should arrest him and sentence her to life imprisonment!”

“Ma’am…” The operator on the other side said patiently, “We have already checked with the platform side about the problem you reported just now, and the platform side reported that the money she earned is reasonable and legal, and has been paid by the platform. Withholding personal income tax, the things she sells online are also regular and qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, so you say that she is involved in fraud, which is not supported by any evidence. How can we file a case without evidence? The law is no joke!”

Elaine scolded angrily, “She made up stories to deceive people! She said on the Internet that her husband and son were paralyzed in bed in a car accident. That is a lie. Her husband and son were not paralyzed in a car accident at all. She was beaten and paralyzed!” The

other party said helplessly, “Even if what you said is true, the responsibility lies with the beating party, not her, unless her husband and her son were paralyzed by him, Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to catch her.”

“You…” Elaine gasped and yelled hysterically, “I think you’re deliberately covering her up! You know she’s broken the law but you don’t catch her. What the hell are you guys doing?” Intentions?” The

other party seemed to give up on continuing to explain to her, and said, “Ma’am, we really have no way to file a case for the problem reported, so please don’t continue, because this matter takes up public resources, if you can find her illegal and criminal If there is any evidence, then you are welcome to report to our public security organs, as long as there is some proof that she has a problem, we will definitely file a case for investigation!”

“Otherwise, if one person makes a phone call, and there is no evidence to say that another person Suspected of a crime, let us arrest the other party, how many people do we have to arrest every day to solve this problem? What’s more, if we really file a case and investigate and find that the other party is wronged, we will not let go of the person who reported the false police. The other party will be held accountable.”


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