The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5353

Faced with souna’s deception, Elaine was not led by her nose this time, but said to herself, “I don’t understand stocks and futures, the risk is too high, and it requires a lot of capital. Carrying goods is easier, starting from scratch, you can do it with a mobile phone, and you can make a lot of money, and you won’t lose much if you don’t.”

souna hit her while driving, “If you want to carry out live broadcasting, first There has to be something attractive, who do you think old women like us can attract to see?”

Elaine muttered casually, “If it doesn’t work, I’ll sell it badly. I’ll just say that my husband has lung cancer, please help. “

souna seemed to have been stepped on her tail, and said quickly, “How can I do that! Your family charlie is considered a person with a bit of face now, you dragged Jacob to cheat money online at home, how embarrassing are charlie’s customers to know? !”

Elaine curled her lips, “It’s about earning money, don’t waste it.”

Then she said to souna, “By the way, what’s that damn old woman doing lately? Why don’t you lend her to me for a few days, and I’ll take her with you.” She will take Jacob and rent a rural self-built house in the suburbs of Aurous Hill for live broadcasting.”

souna would never have thought that Elaine would find a way.

When I first thought of doing live broadcasts, I also saw other people’s live broadcasts and short videos selling badly on the Internet.

After looking around, she found that those miserable anchors were not as fcking miserable as herself.

Either their children are sick, or their husbands, wives, or parents are sick, but in their own situation, two elders who are paralyzed in bed, and an old woman who is buried in the loess to the sky, and I have been bullied by my mother-in-law for so many years. A coolie in a coal mine got pregnant unexpectedly. She was finally rescued and returned home, only to be beaten violently by her husband and rejected by her family.

Seeing that those who were not as miserable as herself could make money, souna changed her mind and simply arranged the room, and she also started a live broadcast to bring goods.

To say that souna’s live broadcasts are selling badly, it is really ready-made material, Christopher and Harold are almost useless, they just lie on the bed, and they don’t even need to act.

Moreover, both of them had the hospital’s diagnosis certificate, and there was a thick pile of certificates of various injuries. If one looked at it with reference to the diagnosis certificate, the people lying on the bed were not two living people, but two tragedies.

Therefore, when souna started live broadcasting, she immediately grasped the pain points of netizens’ psychology and platform algorithms. The number of fans increased, and the retention effect of fans was excellent.

And souna’s real money was much more than what Elaine and charlie had guessed.

Because she sells badly and sells too badly, the things she sells are different from other anchors. She really doesn’t pay for the order, and few of her fans will return the goods.

For the same product, the return rate of other people’s goods can even reach 50%, but once she got started, she dragged the family to sell miserably, kept thanking, and kept singing some sad songs, and thanked her family one by one Help Yanzi, let fans tolerate her much more than other anchors.

Many people feel dissatisfied with buying things in her live broadcast room, but when they think of how difficult this woman is, her son and husband are paralyzed on the bed and she has to poop and urinate, and there is an old woman at home who looks like she won’t live for a few years to take care of , I think the money is a good deed.

souna took advantage of this advantage, and unexpectedly lowered the return rate to less than 5!

This time, souna’s ability to bring goods was recognized by those brands.

Although the number of fans of souna is not as high as those top anchors, souna’s fan conversion rate is high and the order transaction rate is also high, which makes the brand also increase her commission ratio.

Now the live streaming is very detrimental. Take the five towels that souna brought yesterday as an example. The production cost in the southern factory is about 15 yuan. Due to the huge order volume, they sent The cost of logistics is about two or three yuan, and the cost of storage and packing is added up, and the total cost is only twenty yuan, but the live broadcast sells five items for ninety-nine yuan, and the gross profit rate is extremely high.

However, brands also have their own weaknesses. What they are most afraid of is the high return rate.

In order to protect the interests of consumers, the platform gives consumers the right to return the product within seven days without any reason. Every time an order is sent out, the labor and logistics cost will cost five yuan. If the product is returned by the customer in the end, the order is worth one cent If I didn’t make a profit, I lost five yuan. Moreover, generally speaking, when this kind of goods are returned, they have been opened by consumers, and the packaging is damaged. If you want to sell it again, you have to manually unpack and repack it. , The cost of going back and forth is quite a lot.

Therefore, once the return rate remains high, even if it seems that the gross profit margin is high, the real profit margin of the brand side is not much higher.

However, souna is different.

In her live broadcast room, the return rate is surprisingly low. Even the broken garbage bags that leak when half filled, almost no one will return them.

And souna herself is also very shrewd. She knows very well that if she brings bird’s nest and skin care products that cost thousands of yuan per customer, although the commission is higher and she can earn more, if the consumer finds that something is not good, There is absolutely no such mentality of “just showing love”, and I will definitely choose to return the product at the first time.

Therefore, she has her own business book, the first one is the unit price of the live broadcast delivery, the highest is only ninety-nine, and must not exceed one hundred yuan, only in this way can the return rate be minimized.

Because she knows that the love of consumers has an upper limit!


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