The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5355

charlie nodded, and then asked, “Where is Claudia?”

Lisa smiled , said in a low voice, “She’s putting on makeup. She seems to be looking forward to going to school. She’s been talking to me all morning.”

As soon as Lisa finished speaking, Claudia, who was of mixed race, opened the door and came out.

Today’s Claudia is very young and beautiful, with a pure white T-shirt, a mid-skirt with a light gray plaid, and two fluffy golden braids on the left and right, she looks very sunny and lively, unlike the whole day before Compared with the expressionless, bitter and bitter little girl, she was a completely different person.

Seeing charlie at the door, she said jerkyly, “Brother charlie, you are here…”

Lisa saw the well-dressed Claudia, and exclaimed, “Why are you going to school? I’m afraid It’s not that you want to debut in a group! Or I think you don’t go to school this year and go to a domestic talent show first, maybe you’ll be popular!”

Claudia smiled a little shyly, and asked She said, “Sister Lisa, how can I form a group by myself? How about the two of us?”

Lisa pouted and muttered, “Two people are called a group, and a girl group needs seven or eight people at least… …”

Claudia smiled and said, “Then there are at least two of us, and we have taken the first step bravely.”

Lisa snorted and said, “I don’t want to form a group with you, brother Charlie’s orphanage Still waiting for me and Mrs. Lewis to take care of it!”

charlie also said to Claudia at this time, “Claudia, if you have nothing else to do, let’s start now. The dean of the school and the person in charge of recruiting overseas undergraduates have already arrived. It’s basically enough to meet and go through the process.”

“Okay!” Claudia nodded quickly, and then said to Lisa, “Miss Lisa, then I’ll go first!”

Lisa smiled and said, “Wait for you to get Auntie Lewis and I will give you a good celebration at noon!”

charlie raised his eyebrows, “Count me in, tell Auntie Lewis that it’s hard work for her to cook more special dishes at noon today.”

Lisa said excitedly, “Really? Then I’ll go to the supermarket to find Mrs. Lewis and come back with more delicious food!”

charlie asked her, “Do you want me to drop you off?”

Lisa waved her hand, “You two go first, I have to change clothes, You can’t go out in your pajamas.”

charlie nodded, greeted Claudia to get into the car, then said goodbye to Lisa, and drove to Aurous Hill University.

When the car drove out of the community, Claudia asked a little timidly, “Brother charlie, will the enrollment matter cause you too much trouble?

” For internationalization, there are certain tasks for international students. If the number of international students does not reach a certain number each year, the person in charge may have to bear the pressure of performance. Besides, your performance record in Canadian high school is also excellent in character and learning. Although there are certain gaps, But overall, you are already very good among high school students. Even if you apply for Aurous Hill University by yourself, you are basically guaranteed, but the process is a little more complicated, and the relationship I have people looking for can help you simplify these processes.”

Crowe Only then did Dia feel relieved, she was most afraid that coming to china by herself would cause too much trouble for charlie, after all, in her heart, charlie had already done too much for her.

It is different from the state when she was working in Mrs. Lewis’s convenience store. At that time, she lost her family and everything, and all she wanted was revenge or revenge. But now, she has changed the environment and started again. Trustworthy and trustworthy new family members, the whole person has become a little cautious.

charlie also felt this change in her, so he said seriously, “Claudia, in Aurous Hill, Mrs. Lewis, Lisa, and I are your family members. Mrs. Lewis is your mother, and Lisa is your family.” Sister, I am your elder brother, you are the youngest sister in this family, you should be taken care of by us, so you must not have any thoughts of causing trouble to us, we will never feel that the family members who need our help are You are causing us trouble.”

Seeing charlie’s resolute words, Claudia was naturally moved.

Although she believed in the character of Mrs. Lewis and Lisa, they were not related by blood after all, and she didn’t have any living relatives, so it was inevitable that she would feel like she was dependent on others.

Any child whose parents were fostered by their relatives because of their work relationship when they were young will understand this feeling in their hearts. 


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