The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5357

When charlie drove the car to the front of the Academic Affairs Building of Aurous Hill University, Isaac Cameron was already waiting here.

Seeing charlie stop the car, he quickly stepped forward to help him open the car door, and said respectfully, “Master, I have made arrangements for the school. Claudia only needs to fill out an application form and submit the materials. You can choose a major directly.”

charlie nodded, remembering the banners he saw outside, and asked him, “Have you heard of Qiu Yingshan? I think this person sounds familiar.”

“Qiu Yingshan…” Isaac Cameron said quickly, “Back to the young master , Mr. Qiu is the richest man in Southeast Asia in the true sense. It’s just that he deliberately split up the family’s business a few years ago, so he was dropped from the major rankings. However, the strength of the Qiu family is still very strong in Southeast Asia. Yes .”

After finishing speaking, Isaac Cameron asked, “Did you see them hanging banners at the door? When I came, they were dismantling them. I asked after asking, and then I realized that it was Qiu Yingshan who was coming to visit Aurous Hill University.”

charlie Suddenly remembered something, and said, “When I was studying at Aurous Hill University, I seem to have heard of this person. It is said that he donated a lot of money to Aurous Hill University?

” Overseas Chinese who returned to China for construction donated 500 million yuan to Aurous Hill University in the 1990s, which was a huge amount back then.”

“I see.” charlie nodded slightly, only thinking that it might be The old man planned to go back to Aurous Hill University to take a look, so he didn’t take it too seriously.

at the same time.

A private jet transformed from an Airbus A330 landed smoothly at Aurous Hill Airport.

Lin Wan’er (Alani) and Qiu Yingshan were on this plane.

Since Malaysia is also in the East Eighth District, there is no time difference with Aurous Hill, so Lin Waner originally planned to fly from Penang to China at eight o’clock this morning. In this case, she will arrive in Aurous Hill around two o’clock in the afternoon, and there will be no delay in enrolling things.

But after she lay down last night, for some reason, she tossed and turned in bed, and it was still difficult to fall asleep until the early hours of the morning.

Lin Wan’er (Alani) tried to calm down her mind, but no matter what methods she tried, her heart always felt flustered, as if there were faint signs of palpitations.

In desperation, she could only comfort herself, telling herself that she would leave for Aurous Hill tomorrow morning, to the place where charlie disappeared in the first place, maybe she could really get her wish and meet him in Aurous Hill.

Thinking of this, Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s heart felt much better, but instead, there was a sense of urgency that counts every second.

Agitated, she could only ask Qiu Yingshan to prepare for the flight overnight and arrive in Aurous Hill several hours ahead of schedule.

In order not to delay the admission process for Lin Waner, Qiu Yingshan asked someone to greet the principal of Aurous Hill University in advance, but he did not let his subordinates reveal the purpose of his visit to Aurous Hill University this time, but only told him that he wanted to go back to Aurous Hill University for a visit. one time.

Naturally, the school attaches great importance to this distinguished guest. They made banners out overnight, and even the principal prepared to greet and accompany him in person. The other vice principals, as well as several principals, immediately suspended their vacation and rushed back to the school to prepare for it. .

Isaac Cameron took charlie and Claudia into the Academic Affairs Building and came to the Admissions Office.

At this time, the director of the admissions office is already waiting here.

Seeing Isaac Cameron coming, the director said very politely, “Oh Mr. isaac, long time no see, he is still so handsome!”


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