The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5360

charlie reached out to Claudia for a pen, and wrote down his phone number behind his name.

Afterwards, Claudia handed the information to Director.

After going through it carefully, Director said, “Okay, there are basically no other problems. The admission notice will be mailed to the above address when the time comes, and there will be a reporting time on it. Then report and go through the admission procedures according to the time. That’s enough.”

After that, he asked Claudia, “Do you have relatives in Aurous Hill?”

Claudia nodded, “My godmother is in Aurous Hill.”

Director asked, “Then do you plan to live on campus or Commuting?”

Claudia asked back, “Can I only choose one of the two?”

Director nodded, “Theoretically, it is, because commuting needs to sign a commuting agreement with the school, and because it involves some personal safety responsibilities, so the process It’s more troublesome. The default is that if you choose to go to school, you can no longer apply for living on campus, but if you want to live on campus occasionally, it is not impossible. I can say hello to the logistics side. After you assign a tutor, I will also follow the guide Say hello to the staff.”

Claudia breathed a sigh of relief, “That would be great!”

For her, she will study and live in Aurous Hill for at least four years in the future.

And Mrs. Lewis and Lisa have been taking extra care of her, so in the next four years, she also worries whether she willIt caused too much trouble for Mrs. Lewis and Lisa.

Therefore, she also hoped that there would be one more alternative.

In the future, if I can go to school and live on campus, it will be more convenient overall. If Mrs. Lewis and Lisa are busy with work, I can also choose to live on campus, so as not to be distracted from taking care of myself while they are busy with work.

Director stamped a few chapters on Claudia’s information, and said to her, “Okay, the procedures have been completed, just wait for the notice.”

Then, he asked Isaac Cameron, “Mr. isaac, do you want to Shall I show you the school? Familiarize yourself with it in advance.”

Isaac Cameron smiled and said, “This is too much trouble for you. I see that you have put up banners outside to welcome distinguished guests?”

“Yes.” Director smiled and said, “It is indeed There are VIPs coming, and the principal, executive vice principal, and several other principals and principals are here, even the old principal who has retired for almost ten years.”

He said, “But people should wait for a while. I won’t be there in a while, so I’ll let the security guard drive over in a battery car, take you around, and visit the foreign student dormitory. The standard of our foreign student dormitory is still very high. Between the two of you, Claudia should like it.”

Isaac Cameron looked at charlie, saw charlie nodded slightly, and said with a smile, “Okay, I’ll thank you for it.”

Director hurriedly said, “Why are we so polite? You always help me a lot.”

While talking, someone knocked on the door suddenly, Director said please come in, a middle-aged woman pushed open the door, leaned halfway in, and said hurriedly, “Director , the VIP is coming soon! The principal told us to go downstairs and wait for the reception!”


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  1. Thanks for these two chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 5361. Thanks 😊

  2. Oh yes ..the show down is coming
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