The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5386

Unexpectedly, at this time, the customer service said again, “How about this, ma’am, although it is indeed wrong for you to swear, I can understand your feelings to a certain extent. In order to make up for your bad experience, I will give you a card full of two thousand.” You can get a five-yuan discount promotional coupon, the coupon has already been sent to your account, and when you create a promotional order next time, you

can use it as long as the single order exceeds two thousand yuan.” Unable to hold back, the whole person was like a volcanic eruption, cursing angrily, “F*ck your mother’s coupon! Give your grandma’s coupon! Save it to buy a coffin for yourself!

” When it fell, the screen of the mobile phone went black instantly.

Immediately afterwards, because of the grievance in her heart, Elaine sat alone in front of the dressing table and began to cry.

Claire, who was downstairs, heard the movement upstairs at this moment, and said, “It seems that Mom is arguing with someone, I’ll go and have a look.” After

that, she put down her chopsticks, and quickly took the elevator upstairs.

When she came to the door of Elaine’s room, she heard Elaine crying and scolding inside, “Bastard, this is going to piss me off!! I have never been wronged like this in my life…”

Claire Upon hearing this, she hurriedly opened the door and went in, and saw her mother lying on the dressing table crying non-stop, and her phone dropped to the ground, she immediately asked with concern, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Elaine saw Claire , cried and complained, “Good girl, you judge your mother. Someone humiliated your mother. Your mother scolded him and got banned. Do you think they are still human?!”

Claire was at a loss, “Mom, you What do you mean… Who humiliated you? Who blocked your account? What account was blocked?”

Elaine cried and said, “Mom just started a live broadcast, and a bastard came in and said that if you use my account, it’s useless, saying He ran away after that, I’m not angryBut, I sent him a private message and scolded him, and the platform blocked me! “

Claire asked in surprise, “Mom…you…you started a live broadcast? “

“Yeah…” Now that the matter is up to now, Elaine no longer hides it, and said straightforwardly, “Isn’t souna the one who suffered a thousand dollars!” She has made so much money from live broadcasting, she is so frightening that she is not a human being, and even ran in front of me and yelled, I couldn’t be more angry! I was thinking, even something like her can be broadcast live, why can’t I? So I also opened a live broadcast room, who would have thought that this would happen right after the broadcast…” As

she spoke, she wiped away her tears, choked up and said, “It’s true that he died before he was born, and the hero burst into tears Ah… woo woo woo…”

Claire said helplessly, “Mom… You said you don’t lack food, drink, clothes, or anything, why do you imitate others and do live broadcasts? Ah…”

Elaine asked resentfully, “I don’t need anything right now? Why don’t you say that those celebrities and Internet celebrities still broadcast live every day? Look at those Internet celebrities who earn hundreds of millions a year, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, they can’t wait to broadcast 360 live broadcasts! There are also those celebrities, usually filming, singing, and appearing on variety shows are not enough for them to be busy, and they even go to the Internet to broadcast live broadcasts to bring goods. Compared with them, I am nothing! They don’t think they earn a lot, so what right do I have to think money is burning me! “

Claire sighed, “Mom, not everyone can do the live broadcast. My aunt’s live broadcast is watched by people, and that’s because she is paralyzed on the bed by her uncle and Harold. Grandma, these are the selling points of her live broadcast…”

Claire also wanted to comfort her mother, so she said, “Mom, don’t worry, if my aunt is like you, if she broadcasts live by herself, there must be no one watching …”

Elaine frowned, and asked angrily, “Claire, what do you mean? I co-authored with your mother, but no one watched the live broadcast, right? “


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  1. Thanks for these four chapters of the amazing son in law. Please send more chapters beginning with 5387. Thanks 😊

  2. Can’t Charlie do something to his mother in law n his father in law..
    Its really a torture to read about similar things over n over again
    Send both of them to Madagascar to stay with old man Bank…
    Anyway thanks for the chapters

  3. 4 precious chapters wasted on Elaine being useless again. Kill off the in laws, or send them far away. They add nothing to the story.

  4. It is very obvious at this point that Elaine is no more relevant to the story so I don’t know why a lot of chapters are still wasted on her.
    Anyway, thanks for posting more chapters.

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