The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5392

After speaking, he looked at Claire again, and said, “Go! Claire, send mom home, I’ll find a good son-in-law!”

Claire was helpless Said “Mom… don’t bother charlie!”

Claire’s words made Lin Wan’er (Alani), who had already walked to the door, startled suddenly.

She murmured in her heart, “It’s charlie again? I’ve been in Jinling for two days, and I’ve been inseparable from charlie every day. Is that why I have a relationship with him? Then who is the son-in-law of that rough woman just now? charlie? Is that charlie from the Yanjing Ye family I’m looking for?”

Thinking of this, she subconsciously looked back at Claire, thinking, “This young woman looks about the same age as the charlie I’m looking for. In addition, there are not many people with the same name as charlie, and even fewer people of the same age. Could it be that the charlie I am looking for is already married? The wife is the woman in front of me?”

“I think she is about the same age as charlie , appearance, and temperament are not bad, and they can be regarded as one in a million, but her mother is really dumbfounding…”

“It’s not that I haven’t seen those rough women who say nothing, but even an illiterate shrew She is really fearless…”

“charlie’s status is considered prominent, and his personal strength is unmatched. Why is there such a vulgar mother-in-law? It’s really weird …”

Claire didn’t notice that outside the palace gate, the beautiful girl was looking at herself and her mother Elaine.

She was busy trying to persuade Elaine to give up the idea of ​​asking charlie to show her Feng Shui.

Because Elaine took it for granted and said, “charlie is my son-in-law, he can help so many people see Fengshui, can’t he help my mother-in-law take a look?”

Claire sighed and said, “Oh, mom, don’t you talk about it Can’t you let charlie know? Besides, things like Feng Shui should be very macroscopic. It solves big problems on a macroscopic level. It must not be very concrete, so how can you control the popularity of your live broadcast room? The fuel consumption of our car is so high, can it be possible to let charlie show you Fengshui, and the fuel consumption can be reduced? It’s not realistic at all…”

“That’s right…” Elaine said dejectedly, “Forget it, anyway. I have brought all the words I should bring to the Buddha today. It depends on whether the Buddha gives me face. If he gives me face, not only will I be able to get along, but souna will also be unlucky. If he doesn’t give me face, then I will never come to him again. …”

As he said that, Elaine suddenly realized and asked Claire in a low voice, “Claire, do you think the Buddha took souna’s benefits first?

” He whispered to the Buddha, “Buddha, I’m sorry…my mother is outspoken, please forgive me…”

After finishing speaking, he quickly helped Elaine out.

Elaine had no choice but to follow Claire and limped out.

When her mother and son came outside the hall, Lin Wan’er (Alani) had disappeared. Elaine originally wanted to find her to quarrel with her, but she looked around and saw no one, so she could only follow Claire. Out of the temple, ready to go down the mountain.

And when they started to go down the mountain, Lin Wan’er (Alani) appeared not far behind them again, silently watching their backs, and then looked at her mobile phone.

On the phone, there was the photo of Claire helping Elaine out of the gate of the temple, which was secretly taken by Lin Wan’er (Alani) hiding behind the crowd just now.

Later, she sent this photo to Sun Zhidong, and sent another message, “Old Sun, find a way to help me check this mother and daughter, I want all their information!”


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