The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5394

And Xiao Changqian has a younger brother named Jacob.

Jacob married a woman named Elaine twenty-nine years ago, and gave birth to a daughter named Claire twenty-eight years ago.

In this way, it is basically consistent with the names, age ranges and kinship of the characters mentioned by Lin Wan’er (Alani).

Afterwards, Sun Zhidong checked the file information of Elaine and Claire, saw their ID photos, and compared them with the photos sent by Lin Waner, he immediately confirmed that these two people were the ones Lin Waner asked him to investigate two people.

When Lin Wan’er (Alani) returned to Zijin Villa, Sun Zhidong had already obtained all the information of these two people. Seeing Lin Wan’er (Alani), he said respectfully, “Miss, you just came back. I have already found out the two people you asked me to check.” “

Lin Waner happily asked, “So fast? Show me!”

Sun Zhidong handed the phone to Lin Waner with both hands, and said respectfully, “Miss, please take a look.”

Lin Waner glanced at Elaine’s photo, which is Elaine It was left when I changed my ID card a few years ago. Although she is younger than now, her facial features have not changed much, so Lin Wan’er (Alani) recognized her at a glance, and said with a smile, “That’s right! That’s the person I’m looking for.”

Saying, She didn’t look at Elaine’s information anymore, but directly looked at Claire’s column.

While looking at it, he said, “It shows that Claire is married. Can I use her to check her husband’s information?”

“Yes.” Sun Zhidong hurriedly said, “But I didn’t call Claire’s relatives just now It doesn’t matter, you wait a moment.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) handed back the phone to him, and Sun Zhidong inquired about Claire’s spouse in that special software.

And this information is charlie’s identity in Aurous Hill.

Although his identity at this level has been encrypted, according to the logic of encryption, once someone checks him from Claire’s level, the authority of this road is unblocked, so Sun Zhidong can easily check charlie’s current level. information about identity.

And the reason why Stephen Thompson left this channel after charlie and Claire got married was because he was afraid that Claire would find something when he bought a house, got a loan, or carried out other social activities that required access to data files.

Moreover, Stephen Thompson also believed thatBelieve me, if someone wants to investigate charlie and find out about Claire, there is no need to hide charlie’s identity in Aurous Hill. After all, Claire is his current wife. If you hide it, it will be self-defeating.

Lin Wan’er (Alani) looked at this piece of charlie’s identity information, and said excitedly, “The initial job of finding charlie has been completed, I really didn’t expect it to go so smoothly…”

After that, she couldn’t help sighing, “Help charlie hide The person with the identity is really smart, and his tactics are sophisticated and logical. After charlie disappeared, he actually arranged charlie into the orphanage, and made a new one for charlie on the collective account of the orphanage. Status!”

“He can make so many articles on the orphanage, which proves that this orphanage must be under his complete control, and it is very likely that all the staff of this orphanage are under his command!”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) He sighed, “No wonder so many people started looking for charlie from Aurous Hill, and they couldn’t find him after twenty years of searching. It turns out that he has been hiding in Aurous Hill! And he was perfectly hidden by a special orphanage! This kind of The means, flawlessly fooled everyone who wanted to find charlie!”

Sun Zhidong said with a smile, “Miss, this trader is indeed very powerful, but he still hasn’t been able to fool you! You have only been in Aurous Hill for two days, and you are already All the information you want to investigate has been investigated, and with all due respect, I have never met anyone who is smarter than you, Miss.”

Lin Wan’er (Alani) shook her head and said seriously, “The reason why I was able to find charlie so quickly is because Personal cleverness can only account for one third at most, the other third is due to charlie’s misjudgment of me in Northern Europe, and the remaining third is due to luck!”

“If I don’t know charlie’s surname is so, if I only rely on a one-sided relationship, I may not be able to find him in twenty years;”

“If I didn’t happen to see that Claudia on the first day of Aurous Hill University I’m afraid I’ll have to look for him for a long time in Aurous Hill;”

“If I hadn’t happened to meet his wife and his mother-in-law today, I wouldn’t have found out his current identity information so quickly…”


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