The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5398

After speaking, Abbas said again, “However, the old lady and her son are exceptions.

” sent home.”

“Before leaving, the officers and soldiers in charge of the escort left 100,000 yuan in cash for the old lady and her son according to the instructions of the subordinates, but the old lady insisted on not accepting it. The subordinate thought that you once said that you would go to see it after returning to China. That’s why they didn’t let the soldiers insist on giving them the money.”

“I understand.” charlie frowned slightly, although there were many doubts in his heart, all the mysteries could only be solved after meeting the old lady .

After three hours of flight, the plane landed in Zunhuai, Guizhou Province.

As soon as the two arrived, the person in charge of the wade family in your province had already driven a high-performance off-road vehicle to wait outside the airport in advance according to Isaac Cameron’s request.

This time, the place the two of them were going to was located in the mountainous area of ​​southern Shu, and the road was quite inconvenient, so charlie planned to drive there with Isaac Cameron, without bringing any followers besides the two of them.

After getting the off-road vehicle, Isaac Cameron was in charge of driving, and charlie sat in the co-pilot. The two traveled through the winding mountains for nearly five hours before finally arriving at a village at the foot of the mountain.

However, this village is not the destination of charlie and Isaac Cameron. The village they are going to is located on the cliff halfway up the mountain.On the side, due to the steep terrain, there is only one steep mountain road up the mountain. Except for motorcycles, no vehicles can climb it.

Fortunately, although the mountain road is difficult to walk, the distance is not too far. The two are strong and strong, so it is no problem to climb this kind of mountain road.

So, after walking for more than an hour on the mountain road, the two came to a small mountain village located on the edge of a cliff in the middle of the mountain.

This mountain village is quite dilapidated. Most of the houses are dark wooden buildings. The houses are old and in disrepair.

It seems that it is rare to see strangers coming here. The old men sitting and chatting together at the head of the village were quite surprised when they saw the two walking to the entrance of the village.

Among the several old people at the entrance of the village, charlie did not see the old lady that day. Fortunately, Isaac Cameron got the video data made by the soldiers of Wanlong Palace from Abbas, and knew which way to get to the old lady from the entrance of the village. at home.

So, although it was the first time for the two of them to come, they found the house where the old lady lived with ease.

charlie and Isaac Cameron set off early in the morning, but it was already evening, and there were already waves of cooking smoke in the courtyard.

The two mottled wooden courtyard doors were only partially covered at this time, and it was just possible to see someone coming out from under the cooking shed in the courtyard, and from the firewood stack at the other end of the courtyard, they took out a handful of branches and firewood.

charlie recognized this person as the youngest son the old lady was talking about, the only one of her four sons who had grown up.

At this time, the old lady’s son didn’t see the two people standing outside the door. He carried firewood and walked back. At this time, charlie knocked on the false wooden door and asked, “Excuse me, is Grandma?” Home?” The

other party stood still and asked with a Sichuan accent, “Where are you from?”


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