The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5403

The old lady looked at the old man in the portrait, and murmured, “The ancestor’s real name is Meng Sheng, his style name is Changming, and he was born in Chang’an. He was born in the first year of Linde in the Tang Dynasty, which is 664 AD. So he called himself Changsheng Jushi and changed his name to Meng Changsheng, Meng Laozu is the respectful name our Jiang family gave to him.”

“Meng Changsheng…” charlie muttered, never heard of this name, but he was not too surprised.

The painting itself seems to be very old, and the old lady’s family has been passed down for 1,600 years. It is not so surprising that the person in this painting is an ancient person from the Tang Dynasty.

At this time, the old lady said again, “Meng Laozu was a Jinshi in high school when he was young, and he was an official in the court, but later he resigned from the official position because he got the opportunity to practice by chance, and came here with his wife and children to devote himself to practice, but his wife and children Not long after that, he died one after another due to contracting cold and cold, and he was the only one left to continue practicing

; Traveling down the mountain.”

When charlie heard this, he was a little surprised and said, “In 755 A.D., the ancestor Meng was already in his nineties…”

“Yes.” The old lady replied, “But according to my family The ancestor recalled that when he met Old Ancestor Meng in the 15th year of Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty, that is, in 756 A.D., Old Ancestor Meng was just like the one in the painting, not at all like an old man who was nearly a hundred years old.”

charlie Looking at the painting again, I couldn’t help but be amazed.

The old man in this painting is skinny but strong in spirit. In that era, the average life expectancy was no more than fifty years old, and the old man in his fifties should look older than the old man in his 70s and 80s now. .

Therefore, the person in this painting, in the background of that era, looks like he is in his forties, which is comparable to the spiritual old man in his sixties now.

But when the other party was in his nineties, he still looked like this, which proved that the other party had indeed mastered the spiritual energy!

Otherwise, even if he got one or two Rejuvenation Pills by accident, it would be difficult to live to such a great age in combination with the background of the times and average life expectancy.

At this time, charlie remembered the old lady’s previous self-introduction, so he asked her, “Grandma, when we met in Mexico, you said that your ancestors practiced medicine for generations, and it was not until the Anshi Rebellion that the inheritance of medical skills was broken. Did it just happen?” When your ancestors met this ancestor Meng?”

“Yes.” The old lady nodded and said, “In 756 AD, when the Anshi Rebellion was at its worst, Anlu Mountain occupied Chang’an and opened the first year of Shengwu. My ancestors He lived in Chang’an with his parents and grandfather. His grandfather and father were imperial physicians. They escaped before Anlu Mountain occupied Chang’an. All the family members of our ancestors were killed. At the critical moment, it was Ancestor Meng who slew his sword all the way to save our ancestors from the rebels. That year, my ancestors had just turned six years old.”

charlie suddenly realized, “So your The ancestors survived, but the medical skills of the ancestors have been lost, right?”

“Yes.” The old lady nodded slightly, and said, “At that time, all the medical books handed down by the ancestors were in the accompanying luggage. At least there is a box, but at the critical moment, the ancestor’s father saw that Meng Laozu had killed all the way, so he stuffed a genealogy tree and two phoenix bone and vine bracelets into the ancestor’s arms, and then the ancestor’s father burned all the medical books with fire oil , Since then, the medical skills of the Jiang family have been lost…”

charlie couldn’t help sighing, “Countless classics were lost in this kind of turmoil. Your ancestors in the Tang Dynasty knew what a phoenix bone vine is, but now, the entire Huaxia even In the whole world, few people still know about this kind of thing. Our current traditional culture and Chinese medical skills are citing classics, but we don’t know how many classics have long been buried in the long river of history…”

Speaking of this, charlie suddenly remembered something, Asked in surprise, “By the way, Grandma, you said there are two bracelets?”


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